Frozen Time, 2

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Update on Series One

If you read the first book, Frozen Time; then you know it was about a seventeen-year-old boy who discovered an amulet/orb while out digging in Africa with his father, looking for artifacts. His whole life changed. At first, he used the orb, which stopped time, to help people. Later, he moved to New York City where he used it for his own gain. He met an old gambler, named Slim who he cheated and embarrassed in a Cassio. Slim threatened him, and told him he was as good as dead.

Timmy became angry at himself for all the evil things he was doing, and wanted to die.

Here is the last chapter in first series~

Timmy stood still with the handgun pointed at his temple. He waited for death to claim him, but his fingers defied him and became frozen on the trigger. The flash that was supposed to send him off into blackness, out of pain, that god awful forbidden agony he couldn't run away from anymore. He couldn't stop that emotional ache. Anguish tore at his heart until it bled tears of horrible sickening misery. Timmy dropped to the ground, and pressed his face to the soil so hard it felt as if it was at one with the grime. He sensed he was floating in the heavens. He looked over to the park benches, and saw a kitten wiping his face with its paws looking at him. He felt connected to the kitten. The kitten stopped wiping its face, stood up and walked over to Timmy, and then lay next to his body. Timmy burst into tears. He sobbed and felt an endless darkness of pain. Was the kitten real or was he dreaming, he wondered. Was he dead? All at once he saw a brilliant light far above, and he felt himself floating with gravity, a

sedateness that reclaimed his body. His pain was fading, and just

before ceasing to be - a bright light was shining in his eye, and he heard someone saying to him, "Mister... Mister- come back to us. Mister LOOK at us." The voice continued trying to entice Timmy back until he became agitated, and opened his eyes. He saw nurses and doctors standing over and around him, looking vexed and concerned.

"He's awake!" A heavy-set nurse said with relief in her voice.

The doctor bent down closer to Timmy's ear and whispered, "Mister you've been shot, but you are going to be okay. Stay with us. Come on, stay with us."

Everything looked blurred to Timmy, and his body felt numb, except for his head, which throbbed. He no longer could feel his toes, or legs, and when he asked the nurses where he had been shot, he blacked out before they told him.

In his blackness, he dreamed that he was floating on a fluffy white cloud somewhere in the heavens. He looked down and saw earth, and then his father. He asked him if he had gotten the letter he had mailed to him; telling him where he had buried the orb in Manhattan and the box of orbs he had buried in Sara's garden. His father was crying while Sara held him. She was crying too. Timmy tried to get them to look at him, and talk to him, but they didn't acknowledge him. They only cried while holding on to one another.

"Dad! Sara! Sara! Dad!! Listen to me."

Richard let go of Sara, moved over to the door, and then turned around before going outside. He looked at Sara and Cecil, and then said, "I'm going to the excavation site - it always seems to calm me."

Timmy screamed out, "Get the mail Dad. Go get my letter!"

It was almost as if Sara had sensed or heard Timmy subconsciously, because she said, "Richard before you go, did you see this letter you got today? It's from Timmy – maybe you should open it. It might be important." She held the letter up.

Richard puckered his brow, then shook his head and said, "I will read it as soon as I get back, but I need to clear my mind. I need to feel Timmy, and I always do so when I'm digging."

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