The lake

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"Shhh, dont make too much noise." Your best friend Niall whispers.

"Niall, are you sure about this? Where are we going anyways? What if my parents wake up? Oh my.." Before you could finish, Niall's finger is on your lips, nicely telling you to shut up.

"(Y/N), dont worry, were just going to the lake." he finally told you where you guys were going.

You smiled and nod, remembering how much you and Niall used to go as kids.

When you and Niall are finally out of your house, you end up on his back with your arms around his neck while he carries you to the lake.

The thought about being outside in the dark made you shiver.

"Im here with you. your safe." Niall says.

You relax a little and soon Niall puts you down. You look at the lake as the moon reflects on it, then at Nialls shinng eyes as he grins at you.

"Wanna go in?" he asks

"Are you crazy!?" you ask

"Aw cmon. You gotta let loose (Y/N)!" he says

"i can let loose.." you defend yourself

"Okay, then lets go." he smiles and takes off his tanktop.

Your eyes widen at the great view.

"Fine" you finally give in and take off your shirt.

He blushes as he looks at you and then you both take off your pants. He grabs your hand and you both run for the water. When you both feel the cold water, you both scream.

"I-its freezing!!" you yell shivering

"But this feels nice. Especially being here with you."he says

"I can say the same."you smile.

Niall gets closer to you until he wraps his arms around you.

Your heart beats uncontrolably and buterflies form up. You wrap your arms around his neck and feels his bare chest on yours.

He kisses the tip of your nose and places his forehead on yours.

Looking into your eyes, he says, " I'm in love with you. i've always loved you."

His lips then finally collide with yours.

When he lets go, you smile,"love you too."