Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Later on the servant brought in all of Tommy's items and placed hem accordingly in my room, not soon after the rest of the boys came in one after the other, and invaded my bed they pleaded to sleep next to me, I place them on My bed and tommy in his crib, trying to fall into sleep, but I was woken up by yells and the sound of things breaking.

I silently got out of bed and stepped out the door before silently closing it behind me, I walked towards Zachary's bedroom, the door was open and I heard Zachary speak, "don't you understand cilene I want nothing to do with you, I will never love you so leave me alone." He sounded quite frustrated

"But baby you told me you loved me, I thought"

"You see I never said I loved you and like I said I never will" he looked like he was about to hit her.

Right then I rushed into the room glaring at the two of them, it turns out cilene was the girl I met today. She was crying and he looked angry, he looked at me his eyes softened a bit, and to say I wasn't pissed was a lie. I was absolutely pissed. What if the children had woken up from their argument? They would not want to go back to sleep. Curse Zachary and his relationship problems.

"What the hell is wrong with the 2 of you? Don't you know by the argument you were having ya could've woken the children up!" I exclaimed getting angry

" shut up, I was just leaving" cilene said before pushing me out of the way I tripped on something , falling backwards I was waiting for the impact from the ground but instead I felt Zachary's arms encircle my waist, he looked me in my eyes as if he loved me, did he? No he couldn't, he doesn't. cilene rolled her eyes before walking out, Zachary looked beyond pissed. He walked up to the wall before punching the wall, blood dripped from his knuckles, I rushed to his ide before trying to hold him back from hurting himself more.

"Zachary stop it" I said trying to hold him back "Zach" I said once more

"Say it again, say my name gain"

"Zach, Zach, Zach" I repeated

Then he looked at me, his eyes boring into mine, "I love the way you say my name" he spoke clearly before kissing me, his kiss was passionate and spoke so much emotion, he pulled me closer to him trying to keep us close, he licked my bottom lip asking for permission to enter, when I opened my mouth his tongue plunged in we fought for dominance but it was obvious to who won dominance. His tongue explored my mouth, he began to pull the strap of my night gown down, just then, I remembered my promise to never love, and I pulled away. He looked at me confusion written on his face.

"We-we can't do this Zach" I said reminding myself

"Why, give me a good reason why I can't, why I can't love you, tell me?" he asked looking hurt

"Because everyone who loves me always leaves or just hurts me!" I said tears rolling out of eyes, because of siren I'm like this, because of my father I'm never happy, and because of me being born into this world I'm unhappy.

"But I won't leave you, ill love you" he said sure of himself.

"That's what heaid"

"Who said what winter?"

" siren told me he won't leave me but he did, for the woman who abandoned him in te first place, he took my last joys and shattered me, he said they would always be by my side and all I saw was their last breaths, I watched them die, I watched him take away my last hope of happiness and for that I will never forgive and never love and never give the right to anyone to step into my life try to fix me just to break me never again.


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