Chapter 6 - Lilacs

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“Honey?” my dad said softly. I woke up, with a massive headache. “Finny,” my dad hugged me tightly.

“What?” I mumbled.

“What do you mean what? Are you okay?”

“I’m…” I remembered Taylor, feeling a shiver crawl down my spine. “I’m fine. H-How did I get home?”

“A boy brought you back, not Taylor. I didn’t catch his name.” My mom chimed in. “I said go be a teenager, not get in an accident. Where the hell did Taylor leave you?”

“I don’t remember, I think I… when he dropped me off and drove away I felt sick. I must have… passed out on the front steps and then whoever brought me in saw me.”

“Oh jeesh,” my mom shook. “I’ll go get you something, water and aspirin, I bet your head hurts.”

They left me alone, I rolled over, numb. I didn’t’ know what to do. I couldn’t tell on Taylor, I didn’t know how. He was untouchable, it was clear. His family owned the damn police station I’m sure. I was just going to steer clear of him. I was shocked that happened, I felt awful, I felt like I was going to be sick.

I had never had experienced that before, is this what life was like in the states? It was awful. I didn’t leave my room the entire weekend; I barely got out of bed. I was just frozen. I was shy to begin with, and then you add this in? I don’t think I’d ever speak again.

I was incredibly scared to go to school the following Monday. I didn’t know who to be around, if Taylor told people. I didn’t know if he was mocking me, calling me a tease or other awful words. I was worried, so incredibly worried.

I went skittishly to my locker, and grabbed my chemistry book. I sat, tapping my fingers. I had a lab today. I didn’t want to be Taylor’s lab partner.

“Lab instructions are at your benches. There has been a few switches.” He read off a few names, mine and Taylors. We weren’t partners anymore. Thank God, he didn’t even blink in my direction. I kept my eyes cast down. I was paired with Harry now, who was absent. I sat at the bench, doing my work the rest of the hour quietly when I saw a shadow over me.


“I… I think we should talk?”

“Taylor g-get away from me, please,” I couldn’t look up.

“I’m sorry for what I did. I was… I took some things I shouldn’t, I just needed a fix. I didn’t realize I’d react like that. I’m sorry.”

“I d-don’t want an apology. C-Can you please leave me to do my work?”

He tapped on the desk and then finally left. My heart was pounding. I shook and finished the lab. I went to lunch, thankfully, Taylor sat elsewhere.

‘Do people do drugs in this town?” I asked Rachel. She laughed.

“Oh yeah, this school is big on that. Pills, especially the sports team, basketball is big. Why, do you want me to get you some?”

“God no,” I laughed. ‘I was just curious.”

“Ah, yeah, well, small towns have the worst habits and the most secrets. Every parent thinks this is the most humble, sweet kids. Bull shit. Everyone has a story.”

So, Taylor did take pills when we were walking, it wasn’t mints. I wondered why he’d do that, what could he take to make him so erratic. I took a sip of my water, looking down at a book in my lap when I felt a breeze. It smelled heavily, like lilacs, the same scent of that person who carried me away from Taylor. I looked up.

It was Harry Styles.

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