The Stone Star

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                                                         One stormy night there was a knock on the Bunkhouse motel Orphanage in Utah. A maid opened the door ,and saw a young boy. He had to be no younger than five. He spoke in a language that the maid didn't know. She told him to come in but he couldn't understand. So the maid to him by the hand and lead him inside. They taught him speak English. Then they asked if he remembered anything but he did not even remember who he was. They decided to keep him at the orphanage and put him up for adoption.It was not long before weird things started to happen. They other children said that he scared them. Even the older kids felt uncomfortable around him.

                                                            A couple years later ,he was adopted and given the name Dillon Stone. He finally started a normal life. He went to school, had a couple friends ,and had fun. That is until he hit middle school. When he turned thirteen weird things would happen around. Like the lights would sometimes turn off when he entered the room. Things would disappear when he touched them. He was  brutally teased because of this. His good life faded into a nightmare. He lost all his friend. Even his parents feard him.

                                                      This is his story.

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