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In life,the choices you make help establish your future.I don't believe in destiny,i believe in hard work and dedication.When you're little,your parents are the ones who teach you the basics.Later on,in school,you get prepared for he educational part then when you're done with all those years of school,you get to live life on your own.You learn on your own about marriage,having kids,owning a house,the hard parts of a job and things like that.
When you're a senior in high school,a lot of the time you get asked 'So what do you wanna do next?'.Usually,most of the people have a plan but you can stumble over some who have yet no idea.Tho those students who have a plan,usually have the same.Going to university.But what is the real reason? Learning more or the crazy fun they see in movies?
Out there,there are so many great universities and not everybody gets the privilege to go to a university like Harvard,Brown,Columbia,Stanford,Oxford or Yale.Those universities are just a couple of the most amazing ones.But what makes one better than the others?
I got a scholarship to UCLA when i was a Sophomore.I thought i was the happiest person in the world because i worked hard for it.Senior year,i developed an interest in other universities.I wanted to go to Yale because the college system is amazing.I wanted Stanford because it's in California.I wanted to go to Harvard because i know it can get the very best out of me.Also,Columbia would be a great place to really kick off with my journalism and writing dream.My parents are really supportive,they want the very best for me.I know they imagined my high school graduation just like it happened.Me being one of the very best students,congratulated by every teacher and loved by the principle.The perfect student,who's grades were always exceptional and who was set to a great start in life.Ready to take over any university,they already had the image of me in their head.I made it seem so easy-to get good grades and be this good at school stuff.Honestly,it was easy most of the time.Some people work twice as hard while i pick up thing just if i pay attention in class.I loved school.I loved being smart and focusing on the assignments and the good grades.I loved getting congratulated and envied by others.
Stanford is a private university.The fact that they offered me a scholarship triggered my mind.So many notable people graduated at Stanford,is was a privilege being there.
So that's why,i followed my brain,along with my love for school,and went to Stanford.
I hope this is okay for starters,i sucks.Vote and comment and please share my story.

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