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The next twenty four hours dragged painfully slow as I was forced to lay in this God forsaken bed while my ankle tried to heal itself. Vincent spent most of the time with me, blabbing about his grandmother and how much he loved her. The only thing worse than listening to his mundane stories was the fact that I had to rely on him for everything, even using the restroom.

It was humiliating being treated like an invalid; but with my ankle in the shape it was in I couldn't do anything myself; and that was exactly what he wanted. He wanted me to be helpless so he could take care of me, his own little damsel in distress. The sick bastard.

Vincent was happily humming a tune from the kitchen as he finished cooking us a pot of stew. The thought of enduring another "romantic" dinner with him made me want to barf but I wasn't about to turn down any food. I haven't eaten in nearly thirty six hours and my stomach was hollow. I groaned under my breath when Vincent waltzed into the bedroom with that same sick smile plastered across his face. He took a seat next to me on the bed. "Feeling any better, my sweet?"

"What do you think?"

His stupid smile dissolved. "Why are you still behaving this way? It's not my fault you hurt yourself, you shouldn't have tried to run." I opened my mouth to scream obscenities at him but he was quick to change the subject. "'s time to get ready for dinner." He stood from the bed and walked over to the closet, pulling out the small make up bag he purchased me.

He dug inside of it until he found a small jar of liquid foundation, dabbing some onto his index finger. "Not that you really need this..." He said, rubbing it into my face. "But I know you'll feel much better after I conceal that unsightly pimple on your chin."

"Seriously!? I cried, covering my chin. "Man, screw you!"

Vincent frowned and continued applying the foundation to my face. "What have I told you about using such nasty language? You are far too pretty to curse and I don't want to hear it again. Do you understand me?"

"You are not my boss.." I said. God, I sounded like a teenager backtalking her father. But what made this bastard think he had the right to order me around!?

Vincent ignored me and reached into the make up bag, pulling out a crimson lipstick. He gulped nervously as he started applying it to my lips. When he finished he pulled his hand away to get a better look. "'re beautiful."

My breath caught in my throat when I noticed his eyes hungrily shift down to my breasts. 'Stop looking at me like that, you pervert...'

His eyes met mine again. "I want you, Emily."

"W-what do you mean?"

He grabbed my shoulders. "I've restrained myself for too long....I-I have to have you!" My heart began pounding rapidly as he leaned his mouth next to my ear, his warm breath sending a chill down my spine. "Don't fight your urges. I know you want me, too.."



Detective Frost took a drag from her cigarette as she stared at the photo of Vincent. She was a bit taken a back by his clean apperance. He wasn't the ugly brute she expected him to be, but rather a handsome young man. Too bad he's bat shit crazy...' She thought.

The cellphone in her pocket started buzzing. She groaned when she pulled it out and saw her captain's name on the caller id. He was probably furious at her for letting this happen. Reluctantly, the detective answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Where the hell are you, Frost?"

"I'm sitting in my car taking a smoke break. Something wrong?"

"I need you to get in here right away. We may have found Graves' location."

"I'll be right there." She put out her cigarette and ran back towards the station. She pushed the door open and marched straight to the captain's office. He was sitting behind his desk with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cherry danish in the other. When he saw the detective standing in his doorway he stood up. "Amy, come in and shut the door behind you."

She closed the door and took a seat in the crusty metal chair in front of his desk. The captain took a bite from his cherry danish and cleared his throat. "Any luck with the dean?"

"Yes sir. He was very cooperative."

She handed him the picture of Vincent and he grunted. He pushed the call button on his desk and within seconds Officer Shirley was at the door with a piece of paper in her hand. The captain waved her in and took the paper from her hand. "Thanks, Shirley. You're dismissed." He waited until the officer was gone before returning his attention to Amy. "We ran another background check on Graves and-"

"I thought he wasn't in the system-"

"Not in our system." The captain continued, "But after expanding our search we found out that he attended a year at some Catholic rehab center called 'St. Paul's Infirmiary.' It's a place for folks with mental health issues." He took another bite of his danish. "Anyway, I spoke with the priest over the phone and convinced him to fax me all of Graves' information."

He handed Amy the piece of paper. "His childhood home is in a small town about five hours south of here called 'Potteria.'"

"You think he'd actually be stupid enough to go back there?"

"I don't know..." He pushed the white button on his desk again. "But I want you and Martin to run out there and question him."

"Just the two of us?" Amy questioned. She didn't relish the idea of facing off with a psycho with only one other person, much less Martin. He was acting much more obnoxious since he was attacked by Graves, probably still trying to show everyone in the precinct that he was a tough guy.

"No, of course not. I've called the Potteria police and explained the situation. The two of you are going to meet with them and discuss a plan of action." The captain sighed and rubbed his bald head. A few seconds later the door to his office flung open and Martin was standing on the other side.

"You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Yes, come in." The captain said before filling Martin in on the details. When he was finished he stood from his desk and put a hand on each of the officer's shoulders. "I'm counting on you two to bring this bastard in. No screw ups, got it?"

"Yes sir." The officers said in unision.

"Good." The captain grumbled. "Remember, I want the two of you to be extra careful. It sounds like we're dealing with a real fruit cake here..."



Tonight was the night I was going to make love to Emily. For weeks I've longed to be inside of her, explore every inch of her sweet cavern. It was going to be magical. Of course, I could tell Emily was nervous. It was probably her first time as well. I smiled and took her chin in my hand. "Do not worry, my love. I promise I'll be gentle."

I leaned in to kiss her and she pulled away. "Stop it!"

"What's wrong?" I asked, clasping her chin a bit tighter. "I thought this is what you wanted."

"Take your hands off of me, you freak!" She cried, pushing me away. I reached my hand out to embrace her again and she slapped my cheek. The burning pain that lingered paled in comparison to the anger that stirred inside of me. She had no right to act like this! I've done nothing but treat her like a princess since the day we met. The least she could do was allow me to make love to her!

The next few seconds were a blur as I ripped her shirt from her body and pinned her down to the bed, her cries of protest falling on deaf ears. My concentration was completely stolen by her exposed breasts. They were so beautiful and perky. With a trembling hand, I reached down and unbuttoned my pants. "Oh God....this is going to be amazing!"

"Vincent, no!" Emily cried. She tried to squirm out of my grasp but she couldn't fight me due to the pain in her ankle. It was probably unfair to force her into this but I deserved it! After all the bullshit she put me through...I deserved it. 

So I took it.  I made this a night she would never forget....

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