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The White Witch of the North *Thorin Love Story*

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It was just like any other day in the city of Dale. Though the city was excited, cheering, singing and dancing. Why where they so happy? The gift from the White Witch of the North, a perfect shaped rose bud was beginning to bloom the perfect priceless white roses. They only ever bloomed in a sign of the Lady in White returning to the city.

She was a gentle soul; her magic was worldly known to be only used for good. She was gentle with children; her voice was soft like an angel. She only returned to Dale and the Kingdom of Erebor once a year, it was claimed she could travel between worlds. The Dwarven Prince Thorin, stood on the balcony awaiting for the first sign of the Lady in White. He never forgot how beautiful she looked.

Her pale, yet soft skin. Her golden hair that had perfect curls down her back. Her blue eyes, which would entrance you. The lady in White, wore a long white dress, it never showed a single drop of dirt from her travel. It was strapless, with the long silk sleeves falling off her shoulders. She kept a silver cloak, with a train, the hood always drawn around her face, as she would slowly make her way towards the open city gates.

Children would always run out to great her, as she would bend down to their height, smiling her pearl white teeth, laughing with the children, as they pulled her along into the city with them. The white flag would be placed on the highest tower in the town, which would make the Prince’s heart jump as he knew she was there.

She always sat on the edge of the fountain, the water bubbling behind her, as she would sing to the children that always sat at her feet. The youngest in the village would be placed in her lap, as she would stroke their hair. Many would stop to listen as she sang stories, many watched the water, as she did harmless, yet amazing bits of magic. By seeing the story she sang through the reflection of the water.

Dale was full of humans and dwarves walking happily through markets and bazaars. Two dwarven princes Fili and Kili, young and foolish would always escape the palace to hear her, and see her beauty. The Lady in White, was always welcomed, she brought peace and joy to the village. Many children would shred tears when she left, but she would wipe them away, promising to return the next year, singing to them goodbye. She never aged, but Thorin always noticed the bags under her eyes would always darken slightly, from the lack of sleep she had.

When the Arkenstone had been found in Erebor, she made an extra visit to pay homage to King Thror. She was slightly surprised even when the great Elvenking, Thranduil payed homage, but she just gently smiled. Thorin always smiled brighter when the Lady in White was back. But on one year when she returned, it wasn’t like any other. It started off like any other visit.

By the end of the day, Fili and Kili begged her not to leave, as she kindly returned them back to the castle in the mountain. She could feel the days growing more and more sour in Erebor and Dale. She bit her lip when she notice the clouds darken that night, as she ensured that they were safe at home. Before she could even try to leave, the heavens poured outside. Thunder and lightning erupting.

Thorin insisted she stayed the night; he refused to let her go out travelling in the rain on such a dreadful night. She only sighed and nodded, but informed she must leave first thing the next morning. She tucked Fili and Kili in to bed, as they were trying to be brave with the thunder roaring outside.

She sang them to sleep kissing their foreheads, before she sat in an armchair beside a warm fire. Her cloak off her shoulders and draped gracefully over the back of the armchair.

“You should sleep my Lady” Thorin’s deep voice told her, as she stood up turning, the white fabric falling down her body. Thorin stood in the doorway, with his pipe. He wore his dwarven boots, a deep blue shirt showing a bit of chest hair and thin pants.

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