1:Meeting Lord Phantomhive

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(Y/N)'s POV

I sat in the carriage with my butler,we were driving towards the Phantomhive manor.

"My lady,are you sure about this?" My butler carefully asked while looking at me.

I turned my gaze on him,smirking."the queen's wish is my command,isn't that what they say?" I questioned while raising my eyebrow.

A small grin wondered on Michael's face."I suppose so,my lady."

The carriage was stopped and we arrived in front of a gorgeous manor,I threw my eyes on the building for a second but soon looked away as it was time to get out of the carriage.

Michael had already gotten out and was now offering his hand to help me out."The expression on your face wasn't the best as you laid your eyes on the mansion,is this place not suitable for you,my lady?" a smirk was placed on his lips,you could easily catch notes of teasing from his voice.

"It is...Fine I suppose." I said,my voice rather dull,I then placed my gloved hand in Michael's and took hold of my (P/C) dress with the other hand,with that I stepped out and gave the mansion one more glance.

While I was examining the building with my eyes,Michael was lifting all my luggage off of the carriage,and boy did I have a lot of suitcases.He took them all in his arms with ease and walked next to me.

"At least they have a garden." I muttered to myself,eyes still stuck on the mansion.

Michael let out a quiet chuckle."Are you ready to go Miss?" he asked while turning his bright green eyes on me.

"Fine,let's go." I said while sighing and took hold of my dress again,so that the edge of my expensive dress wouldn't get dirty because of the ground.

As we arrived behind the door,Michael placed some of the suitcases on the ground,to free one of his hand so he could knock.

After a few moments,the door was pushed open,revealing a man with raven black hair and crimson eyes,he was dressed in a butler suit,I assumed that he was Ciel's demon butler,Sebastian.See,because Michael is a demon,and I'm quite curious myself,I know all the people who have contracts with demons around England,such as me.

"Why hello,you must be Lady Lockwood,please,do come in." he said while giving us a fake smile,I replied with the same and Michael seemed to do the same,he didn't like Michaelis,I didn't know why really and I didn't really ask either.

After that we entered,Michael with my uncountable suitcases of course,he left them next to the door.

We were guided into Ciel's study,his raven haired butler knocked three times before a boy's voice called us in.I immediantly spotted a blue-haired boy sitting behind a big table.He asked me to sit in the armchair opposite his desk and I did as asked,Michael stood next to the chair.

"I suppose you know the murders that have recently occured?" he raised an eyebrow carelessly while asking the question.

"Indeed,isn't that the reason I'm here today?" I too raised my eyebrow unamusedly,I had no will to be here,the queen and her foolish orders.

"Tea,Miss?" Michaelis stood next to me with a cup of Earl Gray,I personally preferred (Favorite Tea)(I'm sorry if earl gray is your fav tea,just bare with me XD),but it would've been impolite to refuse.

"Yes,thank you." I nodded and took the offered cup of tea,I lifted the cup to my mouth and was about to take a sip,before I could do that,Michael leaned next to my ear.

"My lady,have you already forgotten the sixth rule?My,my,you wouldn't survive a day without me my lady." he whispered while smirking.

I froze.Sixth rule.

'Always check the food and drinks,they may be poisoned.'

Michael chuckled quietly,his breath tickling my neck."Wipe that look off of your face,I already checked." he said quiqkly,yet even a bit teasingly.

I gave him an irritated look which made him grin.

About the rules.Since I was quite rich,I was basically a target everywhere,Michael would always protect me and all,but I needed to be on alert too,that's why Michael taught me the 10 rules,"How not to get killed when Michael isn't around." he liked to say,and after that he would always grin.

After a while,we were finally done talking,about the muder cases that is,we also decided that I will stay in the Phantomhive manor until we have solved the cases,Michaelis showed us to our rooms.

Michael brought my luggage and started to put my clothes into the two closets.I lied on the bed,looking at the ceiling.

"What is it my lady?By the look of your face it almost seems like you want to return home." he asked playfully while putting a red ress in the closet.

"I just...thought about my parents for a moment." I said,but my voice wasn't sad,I had gotten over it with the help of Michael,also my servants were like a family to me now.

"Mistress,I have told you several times that what has happened is over,there is no use to cry." he said thoghtfully while thinking where he should put the blue dress with bows on it.

"Hmm." I gave an answer that said nothing,just a mumble.

"Well,I am done here,would you like a cup of (Favourite Tea) and perhaps a piece of cake?" Michael asked while walking next to the bed where I was still lying,he looked at my figure softly.

I opened my eyes which I had apparently closed and turned my eyes on Michael.

"A cake would be nice." I muttered.

"Then cake it is!" he said cheerfully and started to head towards the door.

"And please,try to at least act that you like it here,your face is so much more beautiful if you have a smile on you lips." he said while smiling comfortingly.

"Yeah yeah." I mumbled,he glanced at me once more and exited.

I continued to stare at the ceiling.

"It's so boring." I said blankly.


Am so sorry if this kinda sucked!Am still trying to get better!


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