||Chapter 1||

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You read the sign "Wanted: Gerard Way for drug smuggling, robberies, murder...." the list went on. You stared at the photo of the raven haired man, struggling to remember where you might have seen him. The more you stared at the photo the more you realized that he was ridiculously attractive.

"How could I have forgotten seeing someone as hot as this?" you thought to yourself. You continued to study the photo.
     "Dammit have I even seen him before," you mumbled under your breath as you stared more intently at the photo.
     "Maybe in your dreams?"
You quickly looked towards the person and he... also was ridiculously hot. "That was really cliche sorry," he cracked a smile and pointed to the wanted poster, "This photo's pretty shitty compared to him in real life, eh?"   "Oh my god," You glanced at the wanted poster, then back in front of you.
     "You're Gerard Way."
     "The one and only," he did a little bow.
     "Oh my god, shit. Uh," you glanced at his side and saw he had a gun attached to his belt, you backed into the wall, attempting to get away from the man that the police called 'extremely dangerous.'
     "Listen I'm new in this area so could you direct me to the nearest gas station and I'll be on my way," his voice brought you back to Earth and you saw he was towering over you, elbows on the wall above your head.
     "Oh... What? Wait no y-you're a criminal I should call the police," you forced out.
     "Now you don't really wanna do that sugar, do you?" he tilted your head up with his finger. You gazed into his hazel eyes,
     "Damn why does he have to be so hot?" you thought to yourself.
     "In my genes I guess, not the only nice thing in my jeans, if you know what I mean," he winked.
     "Shit I said that out loud?"
     "Mmhm" he nodded, leaning back against the wall beside you and lighting cigarette,
     "Now if you could tell me where the gas stations at now, that'd be great."
     "Couldn't I at least get a please?" you mumbled.
Upon hearing there words, he turned back to you and quickly pinned you against the wall.
"Please?" You felt his hot breath against your face, "Darling I could give you more then a please if I had time." You stared into his eyes, which seemed darker than before.
     "I-I I just- all I meant wa- bu-" he cut you off,
     "God, you can't even manage a sentence," he whispered then shoved his lips against yours, his cigar abandon on the ground. He tasted like cigarettes, breath mints and coffee. His scent was similar, but more musty. His tongue teasingly lick your bottom lip and you groaned in frustration. He slipped his arms around your waist, your back off the wall, closer to him as you tightened your arms around his neck. But it seemed to end too soon. He pulled away and pressed his forehead to yours,
     "Its— its just around the corner here."
He stood straight and gently ran his hand against your cheek,
     "Thank you." he smiled, then swiftly took off.
     "You know," you called to him, "the police will get you eventually."
He turned around and adjusted his belt, you couldn't help but think he wiggled his hips more then needed.
     "Sugar, there's a new sheriff in town." he  smirked then waved a hand at you as he strutted around the corner.
You turned around and headed to the drugstore as you were planning to, your mind processing what just happened.
     "Oh my god, did I really just make out with a criminal?"

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