The Anorexic and the Alcoholic.

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There was a little anorexic girl. She lived at 90 pounds at the age of sixteen. Her hair was short and black. Her eyes big and blue. Her body was written on by a razor. Her mind never at rest.

She met an alcoholic boy, who was 20 years old. She loved him but she would never tell. He talked to her everyday, and drank to drown the sorrows every night. He never slept but she wished he would sleep next to her.

She drank thick black coffee and inhaled the cold smoke of a cigarette. He drank a bottle of vodka and stumbled to his feet. Her scars on her legs shown and his on his wrists told stories of their past.

He made her smile, and she made his life bright, even though they both knew they were in pain. They watched each other fall apart; taking each other by the hand, trying so hard to pick up the pieces. His drinking soon will stop, and he will find that little anorexic girl saved him even though he could not save her.

They would soon lose each other. He moves away, and she is locked up. He kisses her on her forehead, embracing her pale skin and frail bones.

She latches to his waist and crys on his chest. He holds her tight, as if he could almost break her. He was never one to tangle in emotion. "I will miss you" she whispers under her breath,"don't forget about me."

-Journei Jones