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Your P.O.V

Niall was taking me to a nice restaurant and after that he said he had a surprise.

-skip onto the end of your date-

"So did you like it"he asked

" no"

Niall frowned a little bit

" I loved it ...." You said "I love you (Y/N) " you smiled " I love you too Niall. I'm glad I met you " you both kissed for about 3 minuets straight


You turned around and saw one of your best friends that was a guy..


"Yep that's me the one and only "

you grabbed nialls hand and walked over to Finn

" so don't I get a hug from my best friend " Finn asked "of Course you do come here " you let nialls hand go and gave finn a 5 second hug but apparently Niall didn't think that was 5 seconds he thought it was five hours because he pulled you back by the waist.. " well it was nice seeing you Finn "you said "same here I'll see you around then"you smiled " yea that would be grea-" you were cut off by Niall

" (Y/N) we have reservations for something we should get going "

"Alright then so see you later Finn" you half shouted because Niall kept pulling you .

"What was that about ?!?" Niall kept ignoring till you guys got to your shared flat. Even when you guys got home Niall still wouldn't talk you. So you left to your bedroom to change.after awhile you got tired of Niall not talking to you so you had to do something so he could talk you. You went downstairs as quietly as you could you found Niall watching some tv show he had his back turned to you . You wrapped your arms around him .

" Niall baby what's wrong?!?" You asked quietly "nothing I just don't like other guys hugging you that's all " you smiled at what he just said " Niall I think you got jealous but don't worry I love you not Finn" but once you stopped talking he didn't say anything so you kissed his cheek , down to his jawline and onto his sweet spot , you heard a moan ,you smiled and jumped over the couch and straddled him.started grinding on him ..He grabbed your lower back and he you brought you closer to him backed away a little " are you upset with me " you asked Niall "no I could never be mad at you " after that you guys kissed passionately and Niall carried you to your shared bedroom and let's just say It was an amazing night ;).

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