Chapter 5

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Me and Tyler dragged Devan in the hole placing him in a corner next to Ben who was crying. "Call Darius." I said turning my head to Tyler who already had his phone in his hand. I turned my head back to Ben who hadn't looked up yet. "Hey, you're okay...Ben, you're fine." I said softly placing my hand on his arm causing him to look up at me. "And Devan?" He whispered more concerned about his friend. "He'll be fine, Tyler is calling someone who can help him." "Is he going to die?" " course not." "What was that?" "We'll explain, later, first we need to get him out of here okay." "But it's stil, out there, it'll kill us!" "It won't, he got what he wanted." Tyler said putting his phone away. Ben looked confused but helped us with Tyler anyway.

I opened the big Doors of the old Mansion so Tyler and Ben could Carry Devan in. As soon as we were all in the house the loud noise of footsteps came our way. "Good afternoon Alex." Darius said coming around the corner with his grin as usual Plastert on his face. "Afternoon Darius." I said back sounding emotionless. "I see you brought some guest's." "We did, can you please just help us." Tyler said sounding rather annoyed. "Hello to you to Tyler, how are your medicine working?" "Fine." He murmered clearly not to happy. I had already snapped my head towards Tyler in suprise because he had actually gone to Darius like I told him to. But he completely ignored me and just stared at the wall in front of him. "Uh, hello i'm Ben." Ben said waving with his free hand. "Hello Ben." Darius said turning his head towards Ben. "Who do you have there in your arm?" "My friend...., this is my friend!" Ben quickly said as if he just now remembered what happened. "Your friend doesn't look to good." "No he's not something attacked him and....." "You can bring him to this room." Darius said interrupting him and going towards the door on his left.

After Tyler and Ben had put him on the table Darius ripped his shirt of revealing a big bite mark. "What is that..?" Ben whispered raising his eyebrow. "What if you just wait outside." Darius said trying to hide his annoyed expression. "I'll take him." Tyler said placing a hand on his back and walking with him to the door. After the door closed Darius turned to me. "You brought two humans here, really Alex?!" "I'm sorry I didn't know what to do!" "I do, he's going to turn into a werewolf and you'll have to teach him all the tricks! Even worse though is that you have to explain everything to that nutjob who will probably tell all his nerd friends what we are. That is unless you just let me kill him and tell your little friend over there that his bff is dead!" "I'm not letting you kill him!" I said protesting. "Do you really want to take that risk?" "Yes! Besides they probably don't have any other friends!" "You are officially insane!" "Look at it this way, there's an alpha out there. He either needs to be killed or somehow become a bit more humane, the more werewolfs we have to do that the Better." "But he got bitten by alpha making it part of his pack!" "Or Ours, that's his choice!" "Fine okay, but i'll tell everybody in the downworld this is your fault if it goes wrong." "I can live with that."


Late that night Me and Tyler had taken both Devan and Ben to my room.

"Okay, so we have something to tell you." I began looking at both boys with a very serious expression. "You guys know more about these murders don't you?" Devan said starting to guess. "You could say that." Tyler said looking from me to Devan. "Before we.....tell you, you guys need to promes us something?" "What?" "No matter how strange, weird or cool this might sound. You can not tell anyone okay?" "Really no one, not that anybody will believe but that's besides the point." Tyler added. "Okay, we can do that." Ben said starting to get really interested. "Okay we go then?" I said looking at Tyler. "So, you know all these books about werewolfs and Vampire's and all these things right?" I said looking at Devan. They both nodded probably not really sure where all this was going. "Okay well here in Oak Springs we currently know werewolfs and witches, there are way more out there but as far as we know there's one witch in this town and......well four werewolfs now." "You're Joking right." Ben said laughing, but his laugh quickly dissapeard when Tyler showed his fangs. "We're not." He added. "So wait hold up....werewolfs are real?" Devan asked confused. "Yea, you have me, Tyler, the one who bit you and now." "Oh so that Darius dude is the witch!" Ben said as if it was suddenly very obvious in his mind. "Exactly." "Wait hold up..., you're a werewolf?" Devan asked pointing at me. "I sure am, i was born into it just like Tyler." I said making a downwords motion with my hand to reveal my long nails. "That's so cool!" Ben suddenly blurted looking at my nails. I saw Tyler giving him a death glare which made me smile. "But then who's the other one?" "We don't know, all we know is that it's an Alpha." "And that means?" "An alpha is the leader of a pack, only this one doesn't have a pack, as far as we know than?" "Are you guys also alpha's?" "No we're both omega's." "And that means?" "An alpha is the leader of a pack, a beta is a wolf that belongs to a pack and an omega is a lone wolf." "But you guys have each other?" "True, but neither of us is eachother's alpha, even though we do work with each other we are technically omega's." "So am i an omega to?" "Not if you chose to be a part of the alpha's pack, since he's the one that bit you you have that choice." "I don't want to be part of a pack that kills humans." "Then you are an omega." "Can't you guys just become a pack, you know, that might make things easier." Ben said now joining the conversation. "Didn't she just explain you need an alpha for a pack, one we don't have!" Tyler hissed. "We can call ourselfs a pack." I said nodding to Ben whilst laying my hand on Tyler's arm. "Is there also something that can, de-wolf me?" Devan asked raising his eyebrow. "I'm afraid not." "So now i'll be an animal for the rest of my life?" "No you're a shapeshifter for the rest of your life, Tyler will teach you how to Control it during a full Moon and how to turn on random days." "What if i don't want that?" "I'm afraid you have no choice." "So that witch man doesn't have a cure?" "No, he doesn't." "There is no such thing as a cure." Tyler added.

"Wait can i tell my mom?" Devan asked right before he and Ben were about to leave. "No neither of you can tell anyone, not even family." I said before opening the door for them.

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