Part Fifteen

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I find myself having to apologize for not posting part fifteen sooner. But, I think that being too preoccupied with reading the Hunger Games trilogy may justify that.

So, where was I? Ah, albino crocodiles.


"What?" Nico demanded weakly, shaking slightly in Walt's grip.

Walt's expression hardened at his own call. "Run. Philip will cover us."

Nico's eyes drifted questioningly from the ivory-colored crocodile which was now tackling the trio, most likely wondering something the sort as of Now who the hell names their albino crocodile Philip? and back to Walt, but presumably decided not to question it and took off down the alley, Walt watching his back and leaping in to take hold of him if his already unsteady structure decided to collapse.

They ran for a few minutes before they reach a dead end in the form of another, smaller square. Kai's battle cries have long been extinguished by the night.

Walt stopped to lean against a bar-windowed red-bricked wall in the small opening, breathing heavily. Nico was sprawled, standing, against the opposite brick wall, trying to catch his breath.

When Walt finally calmed, he waited in the near-silence of Nico's subtle panting before he asked that has been bothering him ever since Nico's disappearance.

"What happened, exactly? I couldn't keep track after you free-fell through the ground."

Nico took a deep breath and turned, and Walt noticed the blood that was trickling down the side of his face. He tore another charm off its chain. It was supposed to turn in to a full-size parachute for emergencies, but Walt tore a strip of the gray cloth and handed it to Nico, who wrapped the cloth around the wound with help.

Holding his palm against it, Nico sat down on the rough ground and took a shaky breath.

"I'll start with this," he said. "That string Kai has- it was a wish granted by Thanatos."

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