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This is the third book in the Hate at First Flight Series. You can read it as a standalone but some scenes and story might be confusing without reading the first two books.

Copyright © 2017 by Losalini Kaloucava

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Phillipa Holden has two rules she has lived by.

1. Always be kind and humble, especially to the help.

2. Hate the one guy that took her heart and stomped on it before leaving flying away to London.

But this might just change when she encounters that same guy on her return flight back from Paris.

Jace Frost returns back to sunny Los Angeles, only to then work for her father as her bodyguard.

Will Phillipa be able to look past her broken heart and forgive Jace? Or will she find herself plotting to get him fired and on the first plane back to London?

Sometimes A Fairytale Is Just A Frost's Breath Away!

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I looked for a word to say,
but could not find one that day.
I wished for a word that would stay in your heart,
That would show you exactly what tore us apart.
I hate what you did;
I hate you so deeply
I hate what you said;
I hate you so sweetly.
I look at you and cannot tell what's in your eyes.
I talk to you, but all that comes out of your mouth are lies.
I see how you hurt and I don't understand.
All your true feelings are kept in a far away land.
A land we called love,
But now it's destruction.
A land God made from above,
and now we call it seduction.
It's true in a way we both long for each other.
But we both seem to long for another.
Another person we both thought we were,
But now it seems that this person I thought you were is now a blur.
This is a bitter sweet heart that will end in destruction.
And this is a bitter sweet part that needs some construction.
Why I hold on, I do not know why.
I should move on yes, but I'd rather just die.
You caused destruction in my heart.
You caused destruction because you thought it would be smart.
I hate you, I hate you so deeply.
I hate you, but I'm hating you sweetly.

- Alisea T

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