I won't let her die

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"Barry, how many times will you call me? I will be there in half an hour!"I said into my phone.
"HALF AN HOUR????"he repeated me.
I laughed and said,"Barry, it will take time for me to reach there. I'm not fast like you, I use a car and the car is slower than you. Be patient."I said smiling.
"But..."he was saying when I interrupted him, "Barry, bye."I said laughing and hang up the call.

I went inside the photo studio.
"Is my photo frame ready?"I asked the person at the counter.
"Yes, miss. Here."he said and handed me a photo frame.
It was a picture of me and Barry.
I smiled and said,"Please, wrap it." He nodded and took the frame.

I am going to Barry's house for dinner. So, I thought I will gift him something. I am wearing the red dress that I bought in Singapore. He will be happy to see me in this. I blushed imagining his reaction.

"Here."he gave me the wrapped photo frame.
I took it and payed him.

I came out of the shop.
Barry said he has some surprise for me. I really want to see what it is.

I have parked my car on the other side of the road. I was crossing the road when Barry called again. I smiled and picked up the call.

"So, where are you?"he asked.
"Barry, it's just been 10 minutes since you last called."I said laughing.
"Really!! Oh...Jane, should I come to pick you up? You know how fast I am! I will be there in few minutes and will bring you here."he said.
I sighed, "Barry, I am not going to run away. I will come there to meet you. Just wait there for me....."I was saying and laughing when.......when something hit me.

In a split of second I was lying on the road in a pool of blood. Barry was saying something in the phone that was lying near my hand. I wanted to pick up and tell Barry to come but was unable to move.

I can see a car. The car that hit me! Someone came out of the car and came towards me and picked up my phone.

"Barry, hurry up if you want to see your Jane alive. Come to Clarkson's photo studio."she said and hang up.

Then she sat and looked at me. I saw her face and was shocked. It's Rosy!

"Don't die! Don't die until Barry comes here and saves you!"she said and left.

A minute later Barry came and held my hand.
"Jane....Jane....keep your eyes open. You can't die!!!"he said crying.

I was struggling to keep my eyes open. He gave something in my mouth...something liquid...

"Drink it!!"he said.
I drank.
Then he lifted me in his arms. I lost my consciousness.

Barry's POV :

"Dad!!!!"I called out as I came inside my home.

I laid Jane on my bed and dad came in to check on her.
Mom was standing at the door crying.

My parents were here to meet Jane. This was the surprise for Jane. She wanted to meet them for such a long time.

Dad examined her.
"Barry, I think you should go out."he said looking seriously.
I shook my head struggling not to cry.
"Barry, please..."he said. And I went out of the room.

He came out after treating her. As soon as I saw him I went to him.

"Dad!! Dad!!"I said.
He turned to face me.
"Dad, how is she? She will be fine, right? "I asked him.

Dad knows everything. In all these years of his immortality, he has taken up every profession and have learnt everything. He knows more than a doctor.

He sighed and said tensed,"Barry, I did what I could but she is very critical. I can't say anything. There is very less percentage of her survival. You gave her your blood as I told you to?..."he said.
I nodded.
"Good. Let's just wait. That's all we can do for now."he said patting my shoulder and went to console mom.

I had tears in my eyes. She is critical!! It's all because of Rosy!! Rosy tried to kill her!! I won't leave her!!
This is all because of her!! It's all because of Rosy!!

I came to the river side to meet her. She was standing there.
"I was waiting for you."she said on seeing me.

"You!! You tried to kill my Jane!! She is critical because of you!!"I shouted at her angrily.

"Barry, it's all for good. Now, both of you can be together for the rest of your immortal lives. You both love each other. But, how can a mortal human and an immortal vampire live a happy life. So, I just helped you. I did what you wouldn't have been able to do."she said smiling.

I just kept staring at her not knowing what to say.

"Barry, go home. She will need you when she wakes up."she said and went away.

I just stood there staring into darkness. Whatever happened is good or not? I can't understand this... Jane....I should go and be with Jane.
What did Rosy mean by, me being together with Jane?

Will Jane survive or not? Will she wake up as a normal human being or a......a...vampire?

If she became a vampire, what will she do? How will she take all this? How will she react to becoming a vampire? I just want her alive.

Will Jane survive or not? Will she become a vampire? What if she really become a vampire? Then how will she take it? If she survive and be human how will Jane and Barry live the rest of their lives? What is going to happen to their lives now?

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