My life

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Rosy's POV :

I came back home after meeting Barry. I closed my eyes and sighed.

"Are you alright, Rosy?"he asked me.
I opened my eyes to look at him standing infront of me and nodded.

"I'm sorry, Eric. You had to do all this for me."I said looking down.
"Hey! Rosy, I love you! I can do anything for you! You are love of my life and also my wife."he said smiling and hugged me.
I hugged him back smiling, happy to be with him.

"You have lied Barry about yourself. He misunderstood everything about you."he said still hugging me.
"It's ok. I don't care. I am happy that he is happy atlast. Now, I am free from my guilt."I said holding him more tightly and relaxed.
He smiled.

I am Rosy, a hundred year old vampire.

I was the only daughter of a magistrate. My parents loved me so much. But, then suddenly my father died and my mother married again for my sake. She wanted me to have love of both my parents.

Everything was fine until my mother was alive. After her death my step father totally changed. He started beating me, restricting me from going anywhere. He didn't allowed me to meet anyone.
All he was concerned about was money and strength.

My mother gave all the property to me and my step father wanted everything.

And one day he fixed my marriage with the son of another magistrate. The guy he choosed for me was rumored to have killed his first wife. It was rumoured about him that he is a total brat. He used to beat his wife. He keeps many mistresses at his home.

If I married him my step father was going to get more power and strength.

So, I ran away! I ran away from home. I ended up at a carnival and met Eric there.

He was very nice and gentle. He was the most kind hearted man I ever met. That was the first time I felt so calm and relaxed in two years since my mother died.

We fell in love at first sight. I told him about my life and he told me his secret. He offered to run away with me but I denied. I knew that I can't run away from my step father. He will do anything to find me. He was also a vampire hunter and so I was more worried about Eric than for myself.

I went back home. My step father was furious, he punished me for running away from home.

Then, I saw Barry. He was the new labour at my farm. He didn't know anything about my step father so, I made a plan.

A plan that involved running away with Barry and then my father will come to kill us. It was planned that when my step father kills us, I will be having Eric's blood in my system and Eric will take Barry to a hospital to save him. That way I will get to start a new life with Eric and Barry will be fine too.

But, our plan failed when my step father took my dead body with him. Eric followed my step father, to make sure that he didn't burn my body. And when he saved me and came to save Barry; his body was gone.

We thought some animal must have taken it. The guilt of not being able to save Barry, the guilt that Barry died because of me, was left in my heart.

Eric killed my step father to give him punishment for what he did.

But, the guilt inside me never ended.

One day I saw Barry with a girl who looked exactly like me. I met him and warned him just to make sure he truly loved her and not because she looked like me. I wanted to make sure he is happy in his life. But it made him more confused. That's when I send Eric to meet him and help him to figure out his true feelings.

Then, when he was sure of his feelings for Jane. I went to meet Jane to tell her about Barry's past. I know Barry wouldn't have done that. And when they were back together, I hit Jane with my car. I wanted Barry and Jane to be happy forever and this wouldn't be possible if she was a human.

I got rid of my guilt when I made sure Barry is going to be happy forever.

"Rosy, don't think too much."Eric said giving me a coffee mug.
"Eric, what if Jane survive but doesn't change into a vampire? What will we do?"I asked worried.
He kept the coffee mug on the table and came to sit with me on the couch. He held my hand and said,"Rosy, don't worry. Everything will be fine. I am always with you."

I hugged him tightly trying to relax. He soothed my hair with his hands.

I really hope Jane doesn't survive and become a vampire so that she and Barry can be together forever, then only I will get rid of my guilt.

Hope you liked this life of Rosy. I wanted to make sure a every character had a happy ending.

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