I'm Blunt And I Don't Lie.

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Kenneth walks away. I look towards the group of people that I'll be working with. I hope they can't tell that I am nervous and freaking out inside. I noticed a couple of people were in movies or previous TV shows. Except for the blond haired girl, she still had her back turned to me. Now I definitely feel out of my league here. The long haired brunette girl jumped off the couch and walked over to me.

"Hi I'm Rachel! I'll be your fiancé in the show." She smiles, introducing herself.

Rachel was pretty and peppy. She had a nice figure and long silky brunette hair. My Alaina was still prettier.

"Hey. I'm Jerrek. Nice to meet you." I smile back.

Rachel looped her arm through mine and led me to the group of people. She pulled me down on the couch next to her. Everyone greeted me and I greeted them back. Everyone seemed friendly enough. Well.. Everyone but the long blond haired girl. The brown haired guy nudged her arm and she finally looked up. My breath caught because I would know that face anywhere.

"Court?" I asked shocked.

"Hey Jerrek." Courtney smiled.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. Not paying attention to the people looking at us curiously.

"Remember how I told you I was working on a new show? This is the show. What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I got a call about it. I didn't know this show was the one you were working on." I answered honestly.

"Uhm.. How exactly do you guys know each other?" Rachel asked, interrupting us. Everyone else nodded along, curious to know as well.

"Uhh.. Courtney and I used to date." I answer awkwardly.

"Oh. Well hopefully it won't be awkward on set when you guys have to get intimate." Rachel shrugs.

"What do you mean?" I ask Rachel.

"Oh. Just that your character and her character have a secret affair. Which you are hiding from my character and Greg's character." She points at the brown haired guy, who I'm guessing is Greg.

I search my brain and realize that I read something about the affair in the script I picked up in Kenneth's office. Well.. This is awkward.

"Okay guys! Break off and rehearse. Jerrek, here is your script. I want you to work on the first scene a few times and then make your way throughout the script for the pilot. Rachel will help you out, since she and you are going to be in the first scene together." Kenneth says handing me the script. "Take it home and study it as well. We start filming tomorrow."

Kenneth turns to Rachel. "When you think he is ready to move to the next scene. Send him off to the next person." Rachel nods.

I look to Rachel for help. She smiles and drags me to a corner of the studio.

"Okay. Let's try the first scene and see what you've got." She smiles, opening her script.

Begin scene..

"Babe, I can't wait for us to get married next month! I'm so excited. I feel like the days are passing by us so fast. I can't wait to finally call you my wife!" I smile at her. In this scene I'm supposed to put my arms around her waist while we are in the kitchen but we are just working on words right now.

"I know I have so much to do. Caterers, flowers and entertainment.." She says distractedly. Rachel pretends to be busy looking at her phone.

My character is supposed to kiss her neck in an attempt to seduce her. Again we are not doing the movements.

"Look baby, can we do this later? I have a million and one things to do today." Her character is supposed to wiggle out of my hold.

"Do what later? Talk? Be intimate? Spend time together? Riley, we haven't had sex in weeks! You barely let me kiss you anymore. Is this about the wedding? Are you stressing out because of it?" I ask worriedly.

"Of course I'm stressing! There is a lot to do. I also have my job!" She yells.

"Baby, I've asked you a million times to let me help you with the wedding. You won't let me! We could push back the wedding if you want. It'll give us more time." I try to compromise with her.

"Ughh!! I can't talk about this right now. I have to go to work." This is the part where her character walks out the door.

End scene..

"Oh my gosh! Jerrek, your a natural!" Rachel exclaims.

"You don't have to say that. I know I suck.. I've never done this before." I scratch the back of my neck nervously.

"Trust me. I'm not. Your a natural! One thing you should know about me, I'm blunt and I don't lie." Rachel beams.

I chuckle. "Okay. Thanks I guess.."

"Okay let's rehearse it again. This time with the body movements." She commands.

Courtney's POV

I rehearse my lines with Greg. I see Jerrek and Rachel in the corner of the room. They are going over their lines. I see Jerrek wrap his arms around Rachel's waist. The sight sickens me. I should be the one he is holding. I can't wait until we do our scenes together. He is going to kiss me and we are going to touch each other soon. I am going to take that opportunity to make him remember how perfect we were together. He is going to want me back soon enough. If all else fails, well.. That's when plan B comes in.

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