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I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. All the rest of my energy, I devoted to one thing: Crushing the b*stard's foot. I slam my converse on his his foot and he hollars out soemthing else for a change, "SH*T!! F*ck f*uck!!!"

He begins to hop around and the crowd begins to laugh at him instead. Standing up, I felt woozy, like my brain was in lack of oxygen. I would start hyperventilating soon... I knew that I needed a paper bag, but I just couldn't get away fast enough.

Zach grabbed at me again in my Daze. Except, instead of being pulled against him, I feel his grip yanked off me. I hear him whine, "Wait your turn man! By now she must be stretched as sh*t--"

There's a loud familiar CRACK!-- the sound of fist meeting jaw, and a

n o t - s  o - f a m I l I a  r   g  r  o  w  l

- - -

I looked up to see Julius Myers, the Upperclassman that I sometimes said hello to in the morning. He had punched Zach flat in the face and as a result, Zach slammed intot eh lockers, and his gang ran off. I look to where they ran, and realize that Julius had basically made a gaping hole in the crowd, and just the sight of that made it easier for me to breathe again.

But not only that surprised me, standing there, his petit lanky form smiling back at me shyly, was Dylan. His red hair covering his eyes. He did this small wave thing, and I could only copy it back in shock and relief. He stood back behind Julius and waited.

I had assumed that the Upperclassman would have handled this calmly. But it seemed that Julius Myers had other plans. He raised his voice, using a limp Zach as an example, and held up Zach's collar high so he was forced to look at the crowd. I could see the dark shiner on the boy's eye now much more clearly.

"If I see ANYONE with that photo...! I will beat the crap out of you SO bad, you won't have your freakin' eyes to even glance at another porn book again, you f*ckin' pervs!"

Everyone is quiet. And the bell rings. No one moves and Julius snaps, "Well? Are you all deaf now too! SCATTER!" When he shouts everyone does what he says. He threw Zach down and to my surprise, grabbed Jennifer's thin wrist and twisted it so she couldn't get away.

"And you thought I'd let this slide...? ME of all people, you freak?" He hissed in her ear. I got to my feet and swallowed loudly. This wasn't like Julius... I didn't know he was that hostile... I stepped forward and raised a hand to stop him, but a small pale hand touched my arm. I glanced back adn saw Dylan shake his head.

I complied, but only barely... I couldn't watch such a sweet Upperclassman do the same thing that Zach had done to me.

Maybe he saw me look away... I don't know...

But the next thing I hear made my eyes fly open. The unmistakable sound of a phone dropping on cold hard marble floor echoed through the now empty hallway. I saw Julius raise his foot, and watched in shock, along with Jenniffer, as he stomped on it for good measure.

Julius Myers was quite a fearsome character... He was a professional wrestler, and he had even made it to Ivy League, so the school even recognized his talents... But seeing him action was something else...

He handed the brunette her shattered i-phone, "Pull another stunt like that again, and you're going to have to pay a lot more for that nose job you've been squawking about all day..." He growled as he crossed his arms over his chest, "Now scram!" Jennifer nearly slipped as she quickly walked away, her high-heel shoes clicking madly behind her.

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