The Tree of Dreams

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The Tree of Dreams

The owl of sleep calls out,

to coax you to his tree of dreams.

Borne aloft on silent wings

he soars through the darkness,

a ghostly visitor.

The fox of shadows watches; passive.

Protecting you from nightmares,

his silent vigil kept

as sleep steals the night.

An unseen sentinel.

The moth of souls, flutters,

seeking those who cease to dream.

Drawn by life’s internal light

as death seals the darkness:

guide to the departed.

The rooster of dawn hails the morn,

waking those who sleep.

Welcoming the gentle light;

preening in the sun of hope,

shepherd of new life…

A/N – Based on one line from Northern Exposure  - The owl of sleep calls out to coax you to his tree of dreams…

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