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When we arrived back at the house, Sterling and Steph had finished watching My Little Pony. They were on the couch watching The Godfather now and they were arguing over who could do the best impression of Marlon Brando. If you asked me, they both were absolutely horrible. They sounded nothing like him. Thankfully, they didn't ask my opinion so I didn't have to break both of their precious little hearts. Once they noticed that Channing and I had walked back in, they stopped their bickering and began pelting us with questions.

"You guys didn't get caught, did you," Steph asked.

"What did his face look like!?"

"Did he pee his pants!?"

"Is that blood are your hands!?"

"Did you kill him!?"

"Oh my God! We're accomplices to murder, Steph!"

"We didn't kill him, idiot," Channing yelled to the both of them before they could all get worked up. She began explaining everything that happened in dramatic and extreme detail. I decided to take the time out to wash my hands vigorously. The bright red blood fled off my hands once the water touched it. I scrubbed at my hands with soap as if I was a surgeon about to operate on a patient. It was weird. I had never had someone else's blood on my hands. Beating up Jeremy was the first time I've actually took out my aggression against someone.

I stared at myself in the mirror for a few seconds before grabbing a paper towel to dry my hands. When I stepped back into the living room, Channing had finished the story and Sterling and Steph were back on their godfather impressions. "Are you ready for part two," she asked me subtly about the second portion of our date. The other two girls on the couch weren't paying us any mind.

A smile swept across my face as I nodded my head at Channing. Being back in the '20s were sure to be riveting. I would've never thought that I would travel back in time in my life. When I was a child, it always interested me in movies and television shows when people went back in time but it never came across my mind that it could actually happen. It seems so preposterous, but after the news of finding out that I had superpowers, I guess nothing was unrealistic.

"You know what the best thing is about time traveling," Channing asked me as we quietly walked up the stairs. Before I could ask her what it was, she continued speaking. "The best thing is that time pasts so slow. I was at the Nirvana concert for like three hours. I met Kurt and everything, and then I came back to this time era and literally three minutes had passed. I was gone for three hours and only three minutes had passed!"

That was frankly unbelievable. Having the power to go back or forward in time would be such a stress reliever. I was envious of Channing and Shea who both had the power to do so. Lucky for me, Sophia had given us a book where we could basically learn any power we wanted to with due time. I had to begin practicing on the whole time traveling thing so I could have my own personal escape.

"The only bad thing is that you can go back in time and in the future, but you can't change it. If I could, I would've spent last night killing baby Hitler but it's impossible." I snickered a little bit at imagining Channing actually trying to kill a baby Hitler. It sounded morbid and unethical, but it would prevent many causalities in history. I guess certain things just wasn't meant to change and were set in place for a reason. No matter how f-cked up that sounded. It was a harsh reality.

We ended up in Channing's bedroom. "With that said, are you ready to soar into the roaring '20s," she asked as she closed her bedroom door. I thought about it for a second. In the '20s, there were a lot discrimination against homosexuals, different races and even women, but I really wanted to experience the positive things about it like the stuff I saw in the movies.

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