“Isn’t she supposed to be here by now?” Charlie inquired after he checked the time on his phone. It’s ten past six now, the movie starts at six-thirty and still no sign of Allie.

“I’m sure she’ll be here any minute, I’m not sure why she’s not answering my calls though – anyway, I’m freezing, lets wait for her inside the diner?”

“Yeah, okay, where do you want to eat?”

“I don’t mind, oh wait – let’s go to Grill’d, I’m craving for a hamburger.”

“So much for I don’t mind.” Charlie chuckled.


When we got inside, I silently thanked the Lord for how warm it was. While we waited at the front desk and texted Allie of our whereabouts; the waiter came towards us with a friendly smile.

“Table for two?” she asked as she gestured between us. I took a glance at her name badge; Lizzy. 

“Three, our friend’s coming soon.” I assured her. Lizzy nodded enthusiastically and escorted us to quiet section of the restaurant. Lizzy handed out the menus and left an extra on the table for Allie. She shot us another flashy smile.

“Did you guys want any drinks while you waited?”

“Yeah, I’ll have a Vanilla Coke…” Charlie looked up from his menu with a cute grin, “Chloe, did you want Sprite?”

I smiled, “You know me too well Charles.”

“What do you expect? You’re my best friend.” he winked.

Lizzy just about looked like she could burst in happiness after what Charlie had said, she jotted down our orders and practically skipped to the Staff Only zone. I wonder how she’d react if she watched The Notebook or what her facial expressions would be like if she were to read a cheesy romance novel.

“Is that Allie?” Charlie suddenly questioned. I looked back over my shoulder and momentarily gaped in shock.

What the fuc-

“Hi guys!” A super thrilled – over the top with makeup – low cut dressed – cleavage showing – high on some sort of drug – plastic looking Allie sat beside me.

“Hi...” Charlie and I replied in sync, still a bit taken back.

She picked up the menu and flicked her hair to the side, “Sorry I’m late; I got carried away with getting ready.”

“Clearly.” I heard Charlie chuckle under his breath.

Oh no; this cannot be good. What the hell is she thinking? What’s gotten into her? Why is she being so superficial?

Is she wearing fake eyelashes?

Oh God, I need to stop this right now!

At that moment, Lizzy came to our table with our drinks and placed them in front of Charlie and myself. I felt Allie tense up beside me. What’s wrong with this chick?

“Did you guys already order?” She asked – mainly directed at Charlie – since she was battering her eyelashes like she had…I don’t know…eye seizure?!

“Nah, just drinks, what did you want?”

Allie turned to look at Lizzy and silently tapped her fingers against the table. Water. Obviously water…she always ordered water…she hates soft drinks.

“Vanilla coke please.”

Oh Hell no.

I faked a laugh and slapped her arm – very hard- making her squeal. “She’s just kidding,” I interjected, “She’ll have a glass of water.”

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