Chapter 18

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(Anna's P.O.V)

I slowly wake up this time Nate's not in my room waiting for me to wake up. Why was he even in my room yesterday? I get up and walk to the living room and sit on the couch and wait for Nate to wake up. I lay my head on the arm of the couch and watch some T.V then I start to fall asleep. Then I hear Nate run and jump on the couch, "HEY ANNA!" he yells and scoots closer to me. "No go away,I am sleeping." I say then push him away. "Okay..But why are you on the couch?" He asks me. "Because it's a soft couch." I say. "Nope your waking up!" He say the pulls me up. "Fine, I am up." I say sitting up. "Now tell me why are you on the couch?" He ask looking at the T.V. "Oh yeah, I was going to ask you why where you in my room yesterday?" I ask him. "Oh yeah, I was going to tell you Preston is moving to our school." He says. "REALLY! THAT'S AWESOME!" I yell hugging Nate. The one person who is like a brother to me is going to my school now! I look up at Nate still hugging me and his eyes are closed and he is smiling, but something is different. His cheeks are a little redder, is he blushing?No he doesn't like me like that. I let go of Nate and look at him. "So when did he tell you?" I ask him. "Oh the other day when we where driving him home." he says. "You know Nate you sing really good." I say. "Really, thanks." he says smiling. "Yeah, you should do something with it." I say. "oh yeah like what." He say looking at the T.V. "Post it on YouTube!" I say. "You think I am that good?" he asks looking at me. "Yeah, but you going to need your glasses to see the screen better." I say. "But I do have my glasses on." He says looking confused. "Not for long!" I say then grab his glasses. "Hey!" He says laughing. "Not till you say your going to post your singing on YouTube!" I say running off. "Okay I will!" he says then runs after me. "Promise!" I say stopping in the hall against the wall. "Yes, I promise." He says standing in front of me. "Good Nate." I say looking him in the eyes. 

His eyes are so are so beautiful there just so...perfect. Just Nate is so perfect his smile,his laugh the way his is all messed up from sleeping. No I can't think of him like that he is only my friend and nothing more. "Hello Anna?" I hear Nate say. "oh um sorry was just thinking." I say looking at the ground. "About what?" he asks. "It's nothing." I say still looking at the ground. "Tell meee." he says like a little kid. "Why do you want to know." I say. Nate dose't say anything so I look up and see Nate's face is up close to mine. "You can tell me Anna." He says. I can feel his breath on my face, my cheeks start getting warmer and my heart feels like I just got done riding a mile. "Um I-I." I try to say but my words don't come out. "Why don't you come help me think of a user name for YouTube." He says smirking. "O-okay." I say. He steps back and walks in to his room. I let out a sigh and walk to his room. "What would be a good user name for me?" He asks. "I don't know but here." I say putting his glasses back on his face. "Thanks, this should not take to long." He says looking on his computer. "Yeah this should be easy." I say sitting on his bed. After like 3 hours we still have nothing. "Why is this so hard to think of." Nate complains spinning in his chair. "Stop being a baby we will think of something." I say. "You want to fight!" Nate says laughing. I stand up on his bed,"Oh look Nate wants to battle!" I say. "THAT'S PERFECT!" Nate yells. I fall back and land on the bed. "What is?" I ask. "The user name, Nate wants to battle." he says typing on his computer. "Yay we finally thought of one." I say walking over to him. "There we go all set up." He says. For the rest of the day me and Nate sit around watching T.V and playing video games. I look and see Nate asleep on the couch, I go get a blanket and cover him up. "Good night Nate." I say looking at him. "No don't leave me by my self." Nate says in his sleep. "What?" I ask him. Then Nate pulls me under the blanket and wraps his arms around my stomach. "N-Nate?" I ask as my cheeks get hotter. "Good night Anna.." He says falling back asleep. I try and get up but he holds on tighter. Well Looks like I am staying here for the night good thing I changed into my pajamas. Nate is very special to me, and I love him......


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