I was currently walking down the hall  in my middle school. As I made it to my locker I could see signs that said,'Faggot!',or, 'Emos should go to hell'. Oh and my favorite!, ' you look like a dike!'  I sighed as I ripped them off throwing them on the ground. Yea, this is my life, every single day that I come to school there are signs on my locker of people hating on the way I look and dress. Well fuck them! They are only making me famous!

"Hey fag!" I heard the school bully,and biggest dumbass in the world, Alex, sneer. I was getting ready to yell at him as I realized he wasn't talking to me. I saw a kid who looked emo and was problay in 8th grade, which is two years older than me. Alex had the emo boy pressed up against the wall,gripping the front of his shirt. He was very skinny and tall. He had red streaks in his hair that was short with long bangs. Over-all, He looked hot!.

"Hey leave him the fuck alone." I yelled at Alex trying to get him off of the kid.  He just flicked me away like I was a bug. I growled before jumping on his back and digging my nails into his face. He screamed in pain instantly letting go of the kid. I let out a war cry as he ran around in circles trying to get me off. I finally got off of him. I looked at the emo boy to see he was amused by all this. I grabbed his hand as I ran done the hall and into a empty closet. Sounds sluttly right? Well this is the only place Alex won't look for us.

" Hey thanks for helping me!" He said sincerly. I gave him a sweet smile.

" No problemo!" He stuck his hand out.

"I'm Jayy" He said with a sweet smile. I gripped his hand.

" I'm Stacey!" I said. He smiled.

"I didn't know there was another goth at this school!" He said.

" I didn't either but I'm glad!" He smiled kissing my cheek. I felt blood rushing  to my cheeks. Jayy chuckled.

" Don't worry, I'm Bisexual,but I perfer men." Jayy resured me with a smile. I smiled back.

" Awesome! I think we should go now." He nodded. We walked out the closet before walking hand in hand to lunch. When we walked into the lunch room we got alot of stares but I just shurgged it off. He pulled me closer as people started to gossip. We ignored them getting our lunches.

Through out lunch we talked and joked around. I think I might of found the perfect best friend! I smiled at Jayy before kissing his cheek.


so should I keep writing this story????

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