YUNHYEONG ~ My Boyfriend

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Note: Short Chapter but worth reading for :)




"Is this... okay with you ______?" Yoyo asked me. I chuckled and smiled. I guess he thought I'll complain about his plan.

"Of course baby! I want something different too. And it's boring at the mall. Come on let's go inside!" I gripped his hands and pulled him going inside the circus.

I was really stunned as I look around. It's my first time in my whole life to go to a place like this.

"Would you like to play there?" He slung his arms around mine and pointed out at somewhere.

"Oh, I don't know how to shoot hahaha~" He pinched my cheeks. Now I'm burning. He's always pinching my cheeks but I'm still fluttering everytime he does that to me.

"It's okay. I will play that one and get that dog plushie for you." I smiled and I was surprised when he kissed me on the cheeks. He never fails to make me blush.

We walked towards the spot where he will play. He just need to shoot the cans as many as he can.

I stood beside him as the guy gave him a toy gun.

"Goodluck kiss?" He asked. I flicked his forehead and we both laughed.

"Just win that plushie." I pouted then he winked. Okay I'm dead.

"One please. I need to win for my girlfriend." Yunhyeong and I glanced at the person beside us. He's with his girlfriend. They looked at us and smirked.

"You will own that plushie ______." Yunhyeong said to me and winked again. I know he will win.

After that, he started aiming and shooting. Everytime a can is falling, I am shouting 'yes'! Of course I'm supportive haha. As I look at Yoyo's opponent, he only got 6 and yoyo got 12. For short, my prince Yunhyeong won!

"Whoo you slayed it yoyo!" I shouted and hugged him tight. Now I can smell his fragrant perfume.

"Here's your plushie sir." The guy said. I grabbed my plushie and hugged it.

"I told you I'll get that for you." I sweetly smiled and kissed my dog plushie.

"How 'bout me? Can yoyo get a kiss ______ too?" He said with puppy eyes. Aish this cute lil' monster.

"Later... you'll get it." I said and winked at him. He messed my hair and slung his arms around me again.

"Hey, want me to buy your favorite ice cream flavor?" He began asking as we both sat on the bench.

"Yea. I'm craving for it." I replied.

"Okay okay. Wait for me here. I'll just buy there." He walked away and went to the ice cream booth not-so far away from here.

I stared at him as he buy an ice cream for us. I really love Yunhyeong. He would do everything just to make me happy.

"Here you go baby princess." He handed me my ice cream.

"Baby princess? Haha thanks." He sat beside me.

"Yea, my baby princess" He pinched my cheeks again. Now I need some fireman to cool down my face.

"______?" He called my name in the middle of silence.

"Yes?" I asked and looked at him.

"I love you... so much." He stared at me seriously.

"I love you more Song Yunhyeong." I kissed his cheeks and whispered,

"I love you more than I love my plushie." We both chuckled and ate our ice cream together.


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