JINHWAN ~ Still into you [requested]

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KIM JINHWAN [requested]
by: jinna94

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"Nana, he transfered here in our class." My friend told me with a blank face.

"What? Who?" I said, completely confused about the thing she's saying.

"Your ex-crush, Jinhwan. I heard him and our professor that he's transfering here. I don't know why." I just left hanging. Is this a nightmare? I don't want to see him after what happened last month. Geeeeez.

"And Nana, he might sit next to you. That chair beside yours is the only vacant chair here in our room." I leaned on my chair and sighed. What can I do? I need to show Jinhwan that I'm already over about him. I regret liking him. Really.

"Good afternoon students. Before I start my lectures, let me introduce to all of you your new classmate. He's from the other class and sir Winston transfered him here." After he spoke, Jinhwan eventually came in. I glanced away.

Almost all of my girl classmates screamed like there are hearts popping out in their eyes while looking at Jinhwan. Pssh.

"You may sit next to Nana." I quickly stood up and protested.

"But sir! Can he just sit somewhere?" I stood up as I said that. Everyone looked at me, obviously.

"Why? Is there a problem?" Sir raised his eyebrows on me.

"No-none." I sat down gently. What did I just do!

I crossed my arms as I saw Jinhwan walking beside me and sat on his chair.

"Still into me huh?" He murmured. I gave him a glare.

"Feeler." I said and moved away my chair an inch. How can I focus on my studies if he's my goddamn seatmate?!

"Now, I'll pair you guys into two." Sir discussed the things that we need to do before telling who's our partner. I expected my partner would be my closest friend here in class but no...

"Lastly, Jinhwan's partner is Nana. Now, go to your partner." I closed my eyes scornfully.

"Hey partner, you okay?" I heard a chair scratching, moving closer to me. When I open my eyes, I already saw him leaning close to me.

"Nope, literally not." I said and sighed.

"Hi Jinhwan." We both glanced at the girl who said hi to him. Oh, she's just a classmate of ours who also screamed because of Jinhwan a while ago.

"Hello. Just go to your partner and do your business and leave us here okay?" Jinhwan replied. He gave his attention to me again and smiled.

"Why'd you do that?" I chuckled because of that girl's reaction after what Jinhwan told her. I didn't expext that at all.

"I don't want you to be jealous... again." He said with a blank expression. I glanced away. I'm pretty obvious right?

"I'm already over about you okay? I don't want to assume again. I don't want to expect that you like me... again." My voice became sad and anxious. Aish why am I like this!

"But---" He was about to say something when sir interrupted him.

"What are you two doing? There's no time for chit-chatting. Go talk about your project." He said and turned around.

Now I can't look at him.

In my peripheral vision, I can see him searching for something inside his bag.

"Remember this, Nana?" I looked at the thing he's holding. It's the cartier bracelet I gave him last Valentines.

"I... I thought..."

"You thought that I threw this? Why would I do that if this bracelet came from you?" I left hanging, with jaw dropped open. Then there we are, staring at each other for like more than 10 seconds.

"But why? Why did you kept it? You got hundreds of fangirls here in our university, gifts and stuffs, and you still chose to keep that? That's just a trash for you." Okay I'm being so emo.

"Do I need to repeat what I just said, it's because that it came... from you. Since the day that I knew you like me, I started liking you too." Now I'm freezing. Literally freezing.

"Are your feelings for me... gone?" He asked. His voice became serious and cold. I looked at him straight in the eyes.

"Class dismiss." All of our classmates stood up and went out the room, except me and Jinhwan who's still staring at each other.

I waited for this moment for years... And now, it is the time.

"You answer that after I do this to you." I touched his lips with my lips. Wow, his lips is so soft.

We both froze for a moment then I pulled.

"So... what's my answer Jinhwan?" I said and smiled.

"A really big yes! I feel so blessed today because of you Nana." He chuckled and kissed my cheeks.


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