JINHWAN ~ Room mate [requested]

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KIM JINHWAN [requested]
by: jinka68 ⬅ she's my sister and she's a newbie here in wattpad ♥

Note: I'm really sorry for some typos and grammatical errors!



"Ma'am, your room's number is 68. Enjoy your stay." The hotel staff told me. I get my keys from her and went to the elevator.

As I got to my room's floor, I quickly stepped out and searched for my room.

"Aish, this bag is so heavy!" I whispered to myself and fixed my bag.

"Hey miss. Let me help you." A guy offered me a help. He carried my things and walked beside me.

"Uh, thanks by the way." I said as we look into each other.

"I'm Jinhwan. What's your room number?" He asked.

"Room 68. I'm Nika. Nice to meet you Jinhwan." We both gave a smile.

"Nice to meet you too Nika. And oh, your room is just beside mine!" He said cheerfully.

"Really? Can you guide me to room 68?" I asked. He nodded.

"Of course I can, Nika. Let's go." He started walking. I just followed him from behind.

"Here. Let me open your door for you." I hesitated first before I gave him my keys. I'm still shy you know. He's such a cute gentleman.

"Really, thanks. You helped me a lot already. So that's your room?" I pointed out the room beside mine.

"Yeah. Can I visit you here sometimes?" I chuckled.

"Su-sure. No problem. I'll just put my things inside. See ya." I closed the door and smiled.

"It's so rare to meet a kind and cool guy nowadays huh." I spoke to myself and found myself smiling.


I scratched my head as I heard a knock on the door. I just woke up from a deep sleep.

I walked to the door and opened it with my eyes half open.

"Hi Nika." My eyes widened, not feeling sleepy anymore. What is he doing here?

"Ji-Jinhwan! Why? You need something?" I fixed my hair. Oh man this is so awkward.

"Did I disturb you from sleeping? I think I'll just le---"

"No no. What's your concern?" I waved my hands like saying no.

"I would like to give this to you." He handed me a box of chocolate. This looks so expensive. I really don't know how to thank him.

"For real? Wow, thanks. Your girlfriend must be very lucky to have a boyfie like you." I said. His face turned asking.

"Huh? Girlfriend? I don't yet have a girlfriend. How 'bout you? Do you already have a boyfriend?" I bit my lip. Now I regret saying that.

"I... I don't have, too." I shyly said. Why did he brought up this topic bruh.

"Cool, we're both single." He chuckled. What's cool about that? He's crazy.

"Want to come in?" I said. He nodded and stepped inside. He sat down on the couch and looked around.

"Why did you stay in here?" He asked while I'm making a coffee for us.

"My mom and dad has business trip in here. They said I'll just stay in here for 3 days. Well, I think I'll enjoy staying here. This place looks so nice." I replied.

"Oh. Where you from?"

"Philippines." He just shook his head.

"Do you like it here?" He got so many questions for me huh.

"Yes. Super." I gave him the coffee and sat beside him.

"Thanks. You know what, I am the owner of this hotel." I almost spit out my coffee because of what he just said.

"You're the owner?" I said. He laughed.

"Yes I am. My mom gave this to me. But I am not the one who's managing. I'm just relaxing here." Wow, all this time I'm talking to the owner of this room I am staying? Awkward....

"You're definitely lucky Jinhwan." I said.

"Have you visited this hotel's garden?"

"Not yet."

"Do you like flowers?" He really likes to ask.

"Yeah. Why?" He then held my wrist and pulled me out of somewhere.

We ran downstairs. I'm just laughing as well as him.

"Where are we really going?" I asked.

"Here." He pointed me a huge and wide garden with full of roses, tulips and different kinds of my favorite flowers.

"You own this too?" I asked and smelled some flowers. There are some butterflies flying around here.

"Yes. You like it?" He asked and gave me a big smile.

"Super duper yes!" I suddenly hugged him tight. o m f g.

When I realized what I am doing, I quickly pulled away.

"Sorry for that attitude. It's my first time seeing a paradise like this." I tried to smile, hiding my embarassment.

"Don't say sorry. You didn't do anything wrong. And um, this is for you." Now, he handed me a bouquet of white roses.

"Wow, these are my favorite!"

"You look so beautiful like those flowers." When I looked through his eyes, I can feel something different.

"And you look so handsome like your hotel." I joked. We both laughed and hugged each other lightly.


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