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                The weekend passed slowly. After painting the kitchen on Saturday Erica had to go home. We talked on the phone and we texted, but I missed her. It felt lonely in my little house. On Sunday I went to see Link and we went to the movies and had lunch together. He was good company. I liked being with him again.

                “You should meet a girl.” I said as I bit into my burger.

                “I should. There are plenty of girls, but I don’t really find myself wanting them.”

                “Find a man.” I shrugged and swirled a fry in ketchup.

                “I know that whole gay thing works for you, but I do like women, just not these women.” He chuckled.

                “You’ll find a girl. Let’s go on vacation and you can meet a girl there and it’ll be fun.” I smiled, suddenly liking the idea of a vacation.

                “Vacation? Where do you want to go?” I thought for a moment and then smiled.

                “Let’s go to New York. It’ll be fun. We save up money, all three of us, get a hotel room, and we hang out. Just us.”

                “I dunno.” He stroked his chin and looked at me warily. “You and Erica are still 16, you’ll probably need an adult or something.”

                “Your parents. The can have a separate hotel room, and us three can share one, and we don’t have to spend time with your parents all day, just for a couple hours here and there. It’ll be fun. We can take a break from all this.”

                “When do you want to do this?” He asked.

                “How about January? It will be cold, after the whole Christmas thing, it’ll be fun.” I was practically begging now.

                “Alright, alright,” he held his hands up in a surrender, “we’ll ask Mom and Dad tonight at dinner.”

                “I’ll call Erica tonight and ask her about it tonight.” I was smiling. I needed a vacation. Hell, I think we all needed one.

                I didn’t see Erica until Monday. Link’s parents said that they wanted to go, but agreed to let me pay my own way. Erica said she’d love to come too but that she needed to ask her dad. I didn’t know her dad, but I assumed he’d say yes from how he didn’t seem to care that Erica barely ever spent the night at her own house.

                I had to work that night, so Erica couldn’t come over and I couldn’t hang out with Link until I got home, which at that point I’d just want to go to sleep. Erica asked when I got off work and I told her 9. She looked a little unhappy, but nodded.

                There was a new girl at work. Her name was Riley. She had long dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. She was pretty, but she wasn’t Erica. She was nice though. She would tell us all these stories from her life in New York. I asked her what things I should do when I go with my friends and she suggested a few things.

                “So you’re gay?”

                “Ecstatic.” I said with a grin.

                “I meant homosexual.” She rolled her eyes.

                I chuckled and said, “Yeah, how’d you find out?”

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