Game Day

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Peter's POV
After a patrol Wade and I went back to our room, we took our masks off. I took my shoes and socks off, he took his boots off. "Hello Kitty socks?" He nodded. "Yeah! She's cool." I laughed and we sat down. "Wanna have a video game war?" I nodded. "Who ever wins the most games out of all is the gaming king." I smiled. "I like the sound of that, let's play." I sat next to him. "Really writer? I want him in my lap!" I looked at Wade. "Writer?" He nodded. "There's a 13 year old writing about us, she writes what we say and do then other nerds read about it!" I nodded. "If you say so." I think he lost all sanity, can't blame him there wasn't much left. "First game, Five Nights at Freddy's! Ready to get the shit scared out of you and a boner from a slutty chicken?" I laughed. "You ruined it!"
Wade's POV
Don't listen to him readers, this game is totally fun! I used it to make babes crawl in my lap when they're scared, now it's time to use it on Peter. I started the game and turned the lights out, I made it to four am. "Ah!" Peter screamed and hid his face in my chest. "Your turn sweetie." He took the controller and started, I rubbed his shoulders. He beat the game and I frowned. "Beginner's luck." He smiled. "Jealous?" I put the next game in. "Mortal combat!" I chose my character and we started fighting, he webbed my face. "Cheater!" I ripped it off and smushed his with the controller, he tried to push me away. "Oh, oh, ooh! I murdered your ass!" I stood up and did a victory dance.
Peter's POV
I made a chart while he kept dancing, I put a point for each of us. "P W, your future initials." I blushed and he continued his dance. "Suck my dick!" I gave him the sass look. "Can't it's not long enough." He froze and his jaw dropped. "Savage." I smirked and we played the next game. "Black Ops, the zombie one. Everyone for themselves." We started and I killed a bunch of them. "Peter help me!!" I saw Wade was surrounded by zombies. "You said everyone for themselves." He groaned. "You useless gay brat!" I gasped. "Shut it crazy perverting pan!" He gasped and died, I put a tally on my side. "You are definitely getting a dick in the ass for that."
Wade's POV
"Pfft like I care." I smirked. "This time I won't prepared you, I'm going in dry." He frowned. "Aw shit." I laughed. "Ha ha! That's right, you won't be able to do anything!" I stuck my tongue out and he jumped at me, we started wrestling. "This is pointless, just admit you can't be-AYE! Watch the hands!" He kicked my jaw. "Not my fault, they go where they want!" I pulled his hair. "Hair hair!" I chuckled, we rolled around and I pinned him. "Ready to be punished?" I took our pants off. "No!" He tried to push me away, he slapped me. "I said no." He gave me his angry face and I sighed. "Fine no means no, but you will get it one day." He snorted then covered his mouth. "Did you just...." He started blushing. "No I didn't, th-that wasn't me!"
Peter's POV
"That was adorable!" I turned away. "Shut up! Shut up!" He pulled me close. "My baby is too good for this world! Too pure!" I looked away and kept blushing, he kissed me. "I must unalive you with kisses!" He kissed me everywhere on my face, I tried to push him away. "Wade! Come on stop!" I giggled. "Does it tickle?" I nodded. "Yes!" He kissed me even more. "Enough!" I kept laughing and he finally stopped, I panted. We hugged and kissed, I smiled. "Let's go to bed." I nodded. "Ok." We changed and got in bed, I pulled him close. We fell asleep holding each other.
Little short but you know bleh.
Wade: Hey writer can I get some more guns for the next fight?
Me: I just gave you a machine gun!
Wade: Petey was being mean and took it from me! He webs my face every time I try to get it.
Me: *sigh* fine I'll talk to him also stop breaking the fourth wall!
Wade: Never! ;)

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