Chapter 3

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(Taylor POV)

Gemini Had A Great Family. His Mom Jade, Sister Chloe, His Aunt Tracey, Grandma Gianna Aka Matti And The Girlfriends Dayna And Rain. After Being With The Girls In The Back Room We Later Joined The Guys And I Meet Gemini's Young Ass Grandpa Like Really He Didnt Look Like No Grandpa In My Mind I Mistakened Him For Gemini's Dad. I Also Meet His Brother Giolani, Also Chloe's Boyfriend Charlie Even TD's Brother DJ.

"This Is On Gemini's 6th Birthday" Mama Jade Said.

"He's Dress As A Cheese Pizza" I Said. "How Adorable" I Added.

"Yup He Has A Thing For Pizza" Chloe Said.

"I Know That For Sure... I Work At A Pizza Parlor And He Is There More Than Me" I Joked.

"All The Pizza He Wants" DJ Said "So Lucky" He Added. I Swear Everybody In This House Love Pizza.

"You Got That Right" Gemini Said Coming Into The Living Room.

"... This Here Is Gemini And TD At The Peanut Butter Factory" Mama Jade Said.

"Is That Peanut Butter On Them?" I Asked. "And Nuts?" I Asked Looking Closer.

"You Know It" She Said. "Those Two Are Mischief Together They Took A Dip In The Peanut Butter Fountain Then Went And Got Coated" She Said. "And Worst Part Is They Were Butt Booty Naked" She Whispered In My Ear Causing Me To Laugh A Little.

"What?" He Said Noticing Me And His Mom Laughing.

"Nothing" I Said.

"So Y'all Just Laughing Just To Laugh" He Said.

"Aunty Prolly Told Cheeks How We Was Butt Booty Naked" TD Said.

"Really Ma" Gemini Said.

"With Nuts All Up Our Nooks And Cranny's... Butt Crack To" TD Continued.

"T.M.I" Chloe Said.

"Gone Head And Tell The Whole World TD" Gemini Said.

"You Have To Admit It ... It Was Pretty Funny" TD Said.

"Looks Comfortable" I Said.

"Really Tay?" Gemini Asked.

"Its Not Everyday You Can Dip In Peanut Butter" I Said.

"Finally Someone Who Agrees With Me" TD Giving Me A Hi-5.

"Weird" Everybody Said In Unison.

Some Hours Later...

"So This Is Our Room?" I Asked Coming Into The Room After I Was Done Washing Up.

"Yes This Is Our Room" Gemini Said Lying On His Back On The Bed Under The Covers. It Was A Big Room It Was White All Around With A Big Sliding Door Leading To A Balcony.

"You Ain't Say Anything About Us Sharing Rooms" I Said Examining The Room.

"Well We Are So Get Used To It" He Said.

"Goodnight You Guys" Mama Jade Said Poking Her Head In The Room.

"Goodnight Ms. Jade" I Said Sitting On The Edge Of The Bed Putting My Socks On.

"Please Tay Call Me Ma" Mama Jade Said.

"Alright.... Ma" I Said.

"Get Some Sleep We Got A Big Day Ahead Of Us Tomorrow" She Said.

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