A bed of roses // One

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It was a lovely day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and everyone was enjoying themselves.
Frisk, on this lovely day decided to go for a walk up Mount.Ebott.
Whoever climbs the mountain never returns.
But that was just one of the many legends she had heard.
The mountain got steeper and steeper each step she toke, but filled with determination, she went on.
After finally reaching the summit, she saw a large entrance in front of her.
Her determination replaced with curiosity, she advanced inside the weary mountain.
While most would expect to find treasure, a dragon, or something important, what frisk found, was very deep hole, leading to the undergrounds.
It was now she remembered her mother telling her about a giant hole at the top of a mountain, leading to an underground world filled with monsters.
The wind from outside sent a shiver down her spine.
The air got thinner but it still felt ghastly.
In one swift movement, she turned for the exit, but instead catching her foot on branch.
This sent her tumbling towards the hole, until she felt no more tumbling.
This could only mean that she was falling.
She felt the wind against her skin, making her shiver.
She thought she might of been falling forever, but as she furthered deeper, the ground grew nearer.
THUD. Frisk hit the ground. But instead of a rocky surface, smashing her to smithereens, she felt the smooth touch of flowers against her instead.
Even though she was shocked, she stayed quiet. Replaying what just happened over and over again in her head.
She awoke from her daydream to see an entrance, leading into the undergrounds. She was still weary, but filled with determination that lead her on through the arched entrance.
More flower beds. More grass. Nothing quite jawdropping, until she saw a beaming set of button eyes staring at her from the distance.
She managed to stay silent, even through her shock.
The eyes came nearer, as she stepped away further.
She soon lost her step, sending her falling into the flower bed.
By the time she opened her eyes, the other set were met with hers.
They stared at each other, for what seemed like forever.

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