Chapter 4

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Wait you got dumped too...Weird so did i. So how again did we end up in bed together   Chapter 4 ===========================

Nate's POV

I stared at her while she's sleeping, I've never came like I did early. Sadly we didn't have round two because She fell a sleep after about fifteen minutes but me on the other hand didn't I stayed awake just repaying what just happened, Hoping it would happen again,and  again and again, and whats sick about this is I don't even know her name! I know write not like it matters but it would be nice to know just for a memory! I probably should let her sleep but  ive been trying to control myself for about an hour and a half! Wondering if I should woke her up or  how should I woke her up!

Right now I'm behind her spooning her! rubbing my hard on against her sweet juicy a^^! I slowly started to reach my hand over her reaching down to rub her cl!t hoping she'd wake up! My hand was dry but after I started to play with her cl!t it wasn't anymore it was like dropping with her juices

"Again" she moaned and started to sleeply rub me through my boxers! I wanted to go slow this time I wanted to make love not just pound away!  Her hips started to rock back into me while her hand started jerk!ng me off

"Mmmm" I said speedy up rubbing her cl!t. she started softly moan trying to open her legs but having trouble because one of mine was over hers. I straighten her so she was laying on her back! I didn't have to open her legs, her hips started rolling with my movements.

I roll on top of her lowering myself to kiss on deeply! trailing down her body to eat her. When I there it was soaking wet  dropping onto her a^^ which was so sexy! I licked her p*ss* tasting her sweetness. I went up to her cl!t licking it while fingering her! her hips started softly bouncing underneath me! trying to get me deeper in her!

"Oh please Spank me"

I couldn't believe what I just heard from her mouth, I looked up from under the sheets to see if she's awake! and she is but I'm not really the type to like the S&M stuff! just saying! but maybe she's just trying to be sexy or something?

She grabbed one of my hands and put it on her nippl! I'm not really dumb so I got the hint! I started squeezing her nippl3, pulling on it lightly here and there! My d_ck hurt from like the forming of blue balls! 

I couldn't take it anymore I need to have her right now, I started getting up and she got the hint and turned over and got on all fours! wiggle her butt at me! I down at her dropping wet p_ssy, just trying to control myself, so we both can enjoy this!

I slide the head of my D_ck in her slowly just wanting to feel the pleasure, I started out slowly push all the way in and pulling all the way out not wanting this amazing feeling to end. I looked to see her hand rubbing her cl_t super fast, I reached my hand over and started to squeeze her nippl_.

"Oh God, spank me please!"

I stopped pinching her nippl-s and  softly spank her bottom, she let out a heavy groan, and told me to spank her harder, I bring my hand down on her sweet as_ not very soft, As soon as I realize I felt kinda gross, like ew. but her reaction was completely different, she moaned loud asking her me to do it again!

I did, while still pleasing us both, I felt the end near, I felt that felling in my balls, to point where i was gonna explode, I started to speed up abit wanting to cum so bad, her moans only got loud and sexier as i did.

I felt her walls tighten around my D_ck and that was enough for to cum, I pulled out and came on her back. To be honest I  was really starting to like this girl.....................


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