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At ten o' clock on the dot, there was a knock on my door. It wasn't just any knock. The sound was a repetitive, obnoxious banging. I knew it couldn't be but one person: Channing. I got up from my bed and closed my laptop. I had spent the past hour or so just browsing on Tumblr, but now I had business to take care of. Tonight, Channing and I were going to get revenge on my step-brother. My blood was rushing and I couldn't wait to scare him. I wanted him to have constant nightmares about what was going to happen to him tonight.

When I opened up my bedroom door, Channing was standing there in all black from the beanie on her head to the boots on her feet. She looked as if she was about to go rob a bank or something. We both stared at each other with confused glares. Her eyes scanned me up and down, and my eyes did the same to her body.

"What the f-ck are you wearing," we both shouted simultaneously.

What the f-ck am I wearing!? What was she talking about!? I was dressed casual as usual. "What am I wearing? Are you kidding me, Blair!? You're like basic as f-ck right now! I mean, your style is usually amazing for occasions but for this occasion it's so off topic! You're supposed to be wearing black. All black. Have you not seen movies when people snuck in other peoples' houses?! Have you even broke into someone's house before!?" Channing slapped her palm against her face. "Damn, you're a newbie, huh?"

Obviously this wasn't her first go around with breaking and entering, but it was definitely mind. The worst thing I've done was try to poison my step-mother, and she f-cking deserved it. Other than that, I was pretty good when it came to not breaking the law. Channing was apparently the opposite though. "Excuse me for not knowing how to dress for breaking into someone's house," I scoffed as I stepped out of her way.

She walked in as she shook her head and made her way straight to my closet. "Okay, the black leather jacket is good! You can wear that, but take off that dreadful pale pink shirt. Please! Why is that even in your wardrobe in the first place!?" Channing threw a black shirt at me and I caught it with a pout. I liked my pink f-cking shirt. It was plain, but bright and noticeable. "It reminds me of Pepto Bismol! Take it off! I won't even look."

Channing turned her back from me to give me time to change my shirt. With her back turned, I changed my whole entire outfit to resemble the color that she was wearing. "That's more like it," she said with a clap once I gave her the okay to turn around. She shut my closet door and walked over to me with a subtle smirk on her lips. "You know you look pretty damn good in all black," she told me as she put her hands off my hips.

I pushed her off me slightly before walking towards the door. "Whatever. Let's just get out of here so we can make it back before Constance notices."

"No worries about Constance. I crushed up some sleeping pills and snuck it in her mashed potatoes during dinner. Adriana didn't fake that heart attack for nothing." I rolled my eyes at her. That would explain why Adriana just fell out of her chair and began grabbing her heart at the dinner table. Everyone rushed over to her and I guess that was when Channing drugged Constance. After a while of freaking us out, Adriana suddenly just began laughing and telling us 'April Fools.' That's when everyone realized how dumb she really was, for one, it wasn't even f-cking April and, for two, well, she was just f-cking dumb; but I guess it was all a part of Channing's plan. That was actually pretty smart of her but of course, I wasn't going to tell her that. She was arrogant enough.

"Well then, let's head out, buddy," I told her as I patted her shoulder. She smacked her lips at me but she followed behind me. We made our way downstairs and our look outs, Steph and Sterling were sitting in the dark watching a movie.

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