Prologue (Revised)

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Prologue (Revised)

When my friend Jessica finally asked me to come over to her house I was honored. She knows I’m gay and she wanted to introduce me to her brother, she wants us to hook up. When I stepped into her house, following behind her, I was in awe with how creative the décor with the colors being so different. The rooms carry a mix of purple and brown. It makes me feel at home, a place where being different is accepted. I looked at the patterns that the walls are and I became instantly infatuated with this house.

           “I hope you like the decorations, Chris. My brother chose everything.” I was amazed at the artistry. I have never seen a play of colors like this before. The feeling that was radiating off the walls were of peace and being calm. The use of both light and dark shades of the colors gave the impression of being together with everyone in the world. It was absolutely beautiful to look at and, since I’m not one for being an artist, I was enamoured into staring at everything around me from, from the colors that were used in the room to the items that were used to decorate the room. I was taking in everything when I heard a voice call down the dark hallway.

           “Jessica! Are you home? Dad has been looking for you.” The lights in the hallway came on as a handsome boy who looked slightly older than Jessica came down the hall. The hallway was a different design than the living room was. It was a design that accentuated the small space to make it look bigger than it actually was. “He got a new job at…” He stopped when he saw me. He stuck his hand out for me to shake. “Hi. My name is Daniel. What’s yours?” I shook his hand.

“My name is Christopher Jackson. Call me Chris.” My voice shook slightly as I felt his large hand around mine. It was warm and soft. His grip was firm yet gentle at the same time.

           “Okay. Chris. So what brings you here to our home?”

           “Well…honestly, Jessica wanted me to come to meet you.” He looked to his sister and gave her an annoyed expression.

“Seriously, Jessica? Just because Nathaniel and I are not talking right now does not mean that we are broken up.” I could tell that he was thoroughly annoyed with her and I didn’t blame her.

“It’s okay for you to feel that way about this.” I turned to Jessica and gave her a glare. My voice was a harsh whisper as I said, “Why did you say that he was ready for dating?”

She lowered her voice to a whisper, “I thought you were cute enough to make him realize that he was wasting his time with Nathaniel and that you would make a much better boyfriend.” I looked at her and gave her a glare.

“What’s all the commotion?” said a new voice from the hall. I looked towards the source and saw a sexy man. My mouth dropped to the floor and . His hair was black and his eyes were shining with mischief. As he walked down the hall I watched his stride towards me and I felt my body react immediately to his body and physical appearance. I couldn’t help but be infatuated with this hunk of a man.

“Jessica! You didn’t tell me you had another older brother.” I turned to her and she made a weird face.

“That’s my dad.” My eyes widened and I turned to look at her dad. His body was absolutely desirable. I looked at his shirt and saw how fitted it was. It clearly displayed the muscles that were under there. His pectoral muscles were defined and his midsection was filled with slender muscles that expressed just how fit he was under his shirt. I looked at his face and saw the small lines of age and experience that were around his eyes. There was a look of emptiness and sadness that were there and I wondered why that was.

           “Wow. I didn’t know, sorry.” He laughed and I felt something inside me twist and turn. It was something I’d never felt before and I was curious about what it was.

           “It’s okay.” He paused. “It’s nice to be mistaken for a young man. I feel ten years younger all of a sudden.” He let out a sigh. “Oh well. So what was going on?” Jessica replied quickly, “Nothing.”

           “I should go home,” I said quickly. I turned to leave, but Jessica’s dad grabbed my arm and stopped me before I left.

“Stay for dinner.” I turned to him and swooned. I melted into his hand and resisted the urge to  push myself against his body. His hand released his tight grip on my arm. Jessica stepped forward and looked me in the eyes. She was suddenly hard and cold towards me.

          “Yeah. Stay for dinner. I know you don’t have anyone who needs you right now, so eat and stay the night here too.” I became nervous and stiff at her mention of her reminder of me being on governmental support with no parents.

    “Okay, I’ll do that. Is there something that I can do to help?” Jessica nodded and I followed her into the kitchen, along with her brother to get started on dinner.

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