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Next one is fluff or I think it is. Highschool AU! Hope you like!!!


     Alfred was completely and utterly bored in class. Right now he was in his 6th period class Math, but Alfred liked to call it Mental Abuse Towards Humans.  While his teacher talked about boring nonsense, in his opinion, he just doodled. Making little hearts like a lovesick middle schooler and mini spaceships.

     The bell rang, signaling the students to their next class. Before leaving the teacher announce that we had homework. He groaning and hurried to collect his things, and make it to his next class. He walked to his next class but was soon joined by his best friends Gilbert and Mathias.

     "What's up dudes!" Alfred said cheerily.

     "Nothing much, but the awesome me did get a date with the almost awesome Matthew!" Gilbert declared. Gilbert had been crushing on the quiet little Canadian for a while, everyone knew. Alfred thought Gilbert was pretty awesome in his opinion, but he did have a records of a lot of breakups. But, he approved of him cause he knew what would happen if he broke his brother's heart. Mathias had already got a boyfriend, Lukas.

     Alfred had confess to a British transfer student named Arthur, but he was rejected. He has come across some people he had liked, but they either moved or found someone already. Usually they ended up finding someone else. 

       They talked for a bit until the minute bell called and they parted ways. 

     Alfred made it to his class, last was Reading. Still boring but less. He liked his teacher though, she was always nice and let him read comics in class instead of books. 

    "Today will be a free read day" Alfred fist pumped in his brain. "but there is a catch, I will assign you a partner and you two will talk about your book" He really didn't who he was with, well as long as it wasn't Ivan Braginsky he had admired him from afar. He really didn't feel like embarrassing himself in front of him. 

     "Tino and Berwald, Toris and Feliks-" She listed the names, Alfred was nervous slightly. "Alfred and Ivan-" Alfred froze, why did he get Ivan? 

     Alfred looked towards Ivan and their eyes locked. Alfred swore his face probably looked as red as a tomato. 

   "Okay that's everyone, now you can arrange yourself by your partner" She exclaimed and clapped her hands together. Alfred stayed in his seat while Ivan got up and walked towards him. Ivan plopped himself in a seat right next to him and smiled. Alfred fumbled to get his comic while not paying attention he grabbed his math book. Not wanting to look stupid, decided to try and look smart by doing his homework.

     Well since he didn't pay attention in class, didn't know what to do and randomly tried to get the answers correct. Ivan pointed at the paper and said "You have the wrong answer."

     "Yeah its just a little harder than expected" Smooth you sound stupid. 

      "I could help you, x equals 12 not 23" Ivan explained pointing to the problem. 

     "Oh thanks, math is just really confusing and stuff" Alfred said. He actually could do it but he really wasn't paying attention today.

     "How about help you with it sometime, da" Ivan offered. Alfred blushed slightly.

     "How about you come to my house today around 5" Alfred asked with an nervous smile.

      Ivan smiled, "Sure."    

     Alfred beamed and blurted "Its a date!" Alfred soon realized what he said and feared Ivan would reject him. "I mean-you its not um.."

     "Yes its a date" 

      Alfred did a backflip in his mind with a mega fist pump. The bell rung and the students left class to go home. Everyone was happy to go home but Alfred was happy about his date.

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