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"Hey mom? I put everything up in my new room." I called out to my mom who was sitting in my little sister Brianna's bedroom, unpacking her last few boxes.

We had moved all the way from Texas to Florida. Truth be told; I couldn't be more excited, or annoyed.

Mom and dad just up and decided we were going to move. Three days later, here we are. She said it was because of her job; mom is a lawyer. She said she had got some big promotion or something like that, where she got bigger cases and they were here. But I think it was because I almost got expelled from school. I probably had some of the best grades in the whole dang High School but it's not my fault the Principle can't take a joke. Let's just say I am not exactly the "model student" type of girl...hehe.

My mom looked up at me, "Ok. Now can you please take Brianna to see The Return of the Princess Bubblegum or whatever it was? Here's 20 bucks and another twenty for the movie. Go knock yourself out." Mom threw me a fifty and a twenty. I caught them in one hand then grabbed Brianna's hand.

"Come on Bri, let's go to the movies!" I smiled down at her and she started jumping up and down, her red hair catching the sunlight and bouncing behind her; her big blue eyes wide with excitment.

She started talking about how excited she was and I couldn't help but laugh. She was so cute and I loved her so much.

We drove to the movies in my big red truck and then we hopped out, Brianna running to the doors.

I lifted my red hair out of my eyes and to the sidethen straightend myblack and white Paramore shirt. My ripped skinny jeans and black lace-up boots standing out in the crowd of squealing four to seven year olds covered in pink from head to toe.

I swung my keyring aroung my pointer finger as I payed for the tickets then rushed in and gave them to the man standing at the front door. Brianna tapped her foot imaptiently the whole time.

After I had given him the tickets Brianna zoomed up to the consession stand and quietly told me what she wanted.

I sighed and as I was following her my eyes landed on a boy, about my age, being pulled to the consession stand by a little girl with long dark brown hair and big dark brown eyes. She looked to be about six, like Brianna.

She was speaking rapidly to the teenager she was pulling, "-and I want to sit right in the middle and if I get scared your gonna hold my hand and I want cany and popcorn and a BIG girl drink and-" She just went on and on.

The boy looked at me as she pulled him in line right behind us and he sent me a "help me!" look.

I smirked at him and then I smiled sweetly and bent down to the little girl's level.

"Hi. My name's Cardigan. What's your name?"

She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and I wanted to "awww!" so bad. She was adorable!

"Hi! Im Wendy! Cardigan, ooooo I like your name, it's pretty!" She bounced up and down and I smiled.

"Thank you. Do you want to know a secret?" I paused and she nodded. "There's a Princess machine right over there." I pointed across the room. "And if you put a quarter into the machine then a princess tiara will come out! Then you can keep it forever and get to be a bubblegum princess!" Brianna and Wendy started getting all excited. "This is my sister Brianna and these are a few quarters." I pointed to Brianna and then gave them each a quarter. "Now why don't you girls go-?"