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The bus pull to a stop and open it's door. I followed my friends off the bus and onto the sidewalk. Once we step onto the sidewalk we look around so this is Gravity Falls.

"This place gives me the creepy" I said "yeah does anyone else feels like their being watch?" My friend Dipper ask "We're new guys, oh course the people would be stalkeing us." My other friend Mable said.

Then a red car pull up and a old guy step out. "You must be the kids Dipper, Mabel, and... what's you name again?" He ask pointing at me and looking at me weird.

"(name)" "(name) right I'm Stanford Pines Gravity Falls lovable mystery man." "YOU SUCK!" Someone yelled as they drive pass.

"Well come on I'll give you a tour then we'll go to the shake." After a tour of the town Stan took us into the woods to the Mystery Shake. "Here's where you will be staying for the hold summer." Stan said as a guy with a green shirt with a question mark on it walk up.

"Welcome back Mr. Pines are these the kids?" He ask looking at us "yes kids Soos, Soos Dipper, Mabel, And (name)" "hi" we all said "sup" "Soos can you take a phone of us I'm making a scrapbook for the summer and I want a phone of are first day here." Mabel ask handing him the camera.

"Sure hambon." We got in place and Soos took the picture and handed the it and the camer back to Mabel. As we walk into the Shack Stan said "And the red hair lazy girl is Wendy."

The girl didn't look up from her magazine just said "sup" Mabel and I said hi back while Dipper well he just stares at her.

"Your room is upstairs in the attic I'll let you kids unpack." We walk up the stairs to the attic. In are rooms their were two beds arcoss each other my bed was under a shelf by the door.

Mabel didn't wast any time unpacking "This attic is amazing. Check out all my splinters!" She said holding up her hands Dipper walk over to his bed where there was a goat.

"And there's a goat on my bed." He said as Mabel walk over "hey friend" she said then the goat took a bite of her sweater. "Oh! Yes, you can keep chewing on my sweater."

"Where did that even come from?" I ask "this is going to be a long summer." Dipper said taking his backpack off.

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