5.12. The Big Cost

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Chapter 5.12

Haya's POV

Everybody was fast asleep after the hectic function they had, I being a far away guest just sat there in one of the corner tables and observed the whole waleema from a distance though Asmara, Faraz, Ali and all insisted me to get up and come with them but I refused.

In past few hours the most shocking thing I witnessed was Shehryar's dance, I mean the boy can dance han!

I looked to my left Asmara was sleeping with her mouth partly open, I could see a faint tint of her kohl still at the corner of her right eye.

They were carefree people; no tensions no worries. There lives were perfect at least they didn't have those freaking molestation issues which I had.

I looked down at the diary I was having in my lap.

Jawad was right I have nothing special in me; am an average girl with average looks and nothing attractive in me.

I wish I had never confronted Adam on the very first day of school, I wish I didn't jump in that fight.... Meri zindagi mein ye azaab na aya hota.

Closing the diary I rested my head back with the bed post and shut my eyes keeping the little friend close to my chest where my heart was beating.

"....nai! ye buhat kam hen...." Suddenly I heard a voice and my eyes flutter open, I looked to my left finding Asmara with her eyes squeezed tight and a frown resting on her forehead.

"Buhat kam hen...Usman kanjooos!" I pressed my palm over my mouth holding my chuckle as she kept on blabbering about the doodh pilaai I guess. Sadia told me they had a great fight, debate and a long detailed even of doodh pilaai and finally they won by emptying Usman's wallet.

Shaking my head I got up from the bed, kept my diary in my bag and walked up to the dresser where a jug of water with a glass was placed.

"oho! No water..." finding it empty I put it back and stepped out of the room.

"Nai yar! Wo buhat achi lerki hea bechari. Aesa nai hona chaiye tha us k sath" I heard someone talking as I walked up to the kitchen. My feet halted in their tracks as I saw Shehryar standing in the terrace his ear plugged in and his gaze fixed down on the screen of his phone.

"ch! But why always men? I mean why do we have the right to break a girl's heart? Hamesah ek aadmi ek lerka he q dil torta hea? Pata nai kab hum aurat ko izzat dena seekhen ge" he was shaking his head disapprovingly.

"yeah seriously Sain! I wish that pistol was loaded, I wish I hadn't took the bullets out"

"Na. she didn't tell me neither I asked, you know acha nai lagta or wesey bhi I could sense her grief in her smile I mean wo muskurati hea but somewhere her heart has broken man! aur wesey bhi.....

His words got lost in his mouth with his lips parted and eyes widened as he pulled his head and found me there.

"uh, Sain I will call you later" and with that he shoved off the earplugs and pressed a cheeky fake grin. I ignored him and walked into the kitchen.

"Look! Don't miss understand han! Wo to bus mein....." he blabbered following me to the kitchen counter, I filled a glass with water and drank it bottoms up before keeping back on the slab.

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