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I was picked up then automatically in a new place I whimpered and jumped out of the mans arms I crawled to a corner and put my head down on my knees that were pressed to my chest

"Council members come here for a moment" the man said soon after two more men walked in
"Oh heavens what is that" one of the men said pointing to me "she was why I was summoned and i want you to apologize to her that remark was father rude" the man got in his knees "dearest child please forgive me for my lack of respect" I nod my head trying to push myself farther into the corner

"What happen to the poor child" a look of sorrow crossed there faces the man began telling everyone what happened and I sat there quietly by the time they were done they looked at me with tears in there eyes

"Child what is your name" I raised my head "jessibell sir" I whimpered "are you hungry" I shook my head no "when was the last time you "I don't remember" he pulled out a snack bar and forced me to eat it soon all three men took me to the living room they sat me down

"OK jessibell we are the wolf council my name is wolf counsel member Adam moon that man over there is wolf counsel member Alexander night and lastly this man over here is council member Jason stellar and are job is to protect and keep The tradition and order of the werewolves" he stopped and looked ashamed he sighed "i'm sorry that we didn't protect you we didn't sense you because you only shifted once you have to shift at least five times for the council members to be able to sense you but don't worry all who is ever hurt you will be dealt with by the council members and the moon goddess herself"

I nod my head in response he picks me up and carries me to a white room with a beds and a lot of machines he laid me on the bed then a woman with a white coat came in

"Hi my name is Doctor smith I'm gonna asses you if that's ok but I need you to remove your shirt" she smiles warmly at new and I sat up and removed my shirt I heard four gasp I looked to see the doctor and all the council members looking at me with a mixture of horror sorrow and shock on there faces "they did all that to you" he said In disbelief

I looked down "yes sir" I felt a sting across my cheek I backed up a little and whimpered instantly showing my neck in submission "you deserve to die you pathetic mutt" a woman's voice demanded "what are you doing here slut" I started to shake

"T-the man b-brought me here I d-don't kno-w why I'm h-here ma'am" I was shaking and I started backing into a corner I kept looking at the ground

"Trina stand down" one of the members shouted I was now cowering in a corner "she has my mates smell on her" she was about to strike me again when the another man grabbed her "she has my sent on here because when we found her she was beaten and to weak to walk on her own" she looked at me then at the man "I'm so so sorry I didn't know" she got on her knees and made her way over to me "p-please ma'am I won't do it again I-I'm sorry" I was chocking on my sobs pushing myself further into the corner with my tears in full blasts

She looked at me with a guilt stricken face "shhh calm down" i wiped my tears and sniffled a little she hugged me and rubbed circles on my back which. Was really comforting I calmed down and embraced her hug my moment was cut short when one of the men spoke "your mate is here to see you" i look up "d-do I have to see him"
"Yes now go and hurry" he demanded i quickly got up and out to the door where he was

"Slut you got fat" I lowers my head embarrassed I kept quiet "come here bitch" he says calmly I slowly shuffle my way to him he instantly latches his hand on my hair dragging me out of the house and into the woods "give me one reason I shouldn't kill you right now" he spats throwing me to the ground

I look up fear full "I-I don't know a-alpha" he gave me a look of pure disgust "well slut were going home and I'll make sure no one finds you"

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