Chapter one

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A/N Wishing you all a happy New Years! I know it's been a long time since I've been on the site but I've just over come my writers block and wanted to revisit this book as I love the story line I had created for it but didn't like how it was written, considering it's four years old I have rewritten it and am much happier, so hopefully you enjoy it! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think it would be very much appreciated, I'd also like to add that this will be my main focus and not 'His personal slave' I've lost a lot of motivation for the book and it needs to be edited like mad before I'm even anywhere near happy with it. 

Chapter one

"Can I get another tequila shot." I slap down the euro in front of the Spanish old man and try and steady myself against the bar, why did I decide to wear these god damn heels for? The man, who I would say looked about 40 looks me over from head to toe I cringe inwardly and think about how he's nearly the same age as my dad, was he seriously checking me out?

"Sorry love, I've been told by security I can't serve you anymore alcohol." I stare at him with pointed eyes, was he seriously refusing me service? Okay, so yeah maybe I have had a lot more to drink then I should have but this was Magaluf for Christ sake, it was party capital.

"Well I want a tequila and I want it now old man." I try and shout over the live band playing. My friends had decided they wanted to take a break from the popular places on the strip tonight and decided to come see this live band play, truth be told my friend Sarah was a bigger slut then I was and was hooking up with the club owner, thus meaning we were dragged along to show our support. Yayyyyy for us! The old man had crossed his arms over his chest, his thick arms were hairy like a gorillas and I pictured him in my mind to be called something like Pablo. He gives me a stare off not even retaliating to what I had said in all honesty it's not that surprising I'm sure he dealt with people twice my size every night. I see his coco coloured eyes flick over my shoulder following his gaze I see security start to move towards us.

"Fuck" I mumble under my breath before stumbling back into the crowd, it was hot and sticky in here and I'm glad I opted for my little black number. Seeing Sarah and Layla I head over to where the girls were huddled, I see Sarah with her arms around an older man who looked to be in his late thirties I shudder at the thought of him naked, how did she manage to do it? You see Sarah was into her older men – Rich, older men I shall say, she had recently joined a Sugar baby website and was living the life of luxury as a university student being debt free. As you could gather she was a small petite thing with blonde hair and a big ass, many people judge her to be thick but in actual fact she was the highest in her class of studying Business finance.

"Where's the drinks?" Layla pouts at me, I shake my head at her my eyes rolling at the same time. I still couldn't believe I had been refused drinks. Marching up to Sarah and her arm candy I tap him on his shoulder and smile sweetly.

"Blaze what are you doing?" Sarah's eyes bog me out meaning I had just interrupted something private going on, at the thought I try and hold my drink down.

"it's okay little bird" His hand snaking round her waist dragging her lips closer to his.

"Uhhh yeah, I'm standing here ..... Go get a room." I wave my arms in front of them a scold forming on my pasty face.

"We'll get a room .... Soon. You can join us to Blaze if you want." He wiggles his bushy eyebrows at me that I can now see in the dim electronic lighting were beginning to go grey. I wrinkle my nose at him.

"I'll take a pass at that old man."

'Blaze!" Sarah shouts at me in shock, giving her my dull look was she actually fucking kidding me right now? She knew I had a bitchy attitude and the fact she was taking sides with a guy who just offered me to join them in a threesome, not that I hadn't had one before – but you know it was with people of my own age. I roll my eyes not even bothering getting into another argument with her, the holiday was nearly over just another 2 days and we'll be back in good old Ireland.

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