Pranking the Boy Next Door Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:

The girl and I are currently squatting down on the side of Spencer's bed that he's not facing. It's 6am and we had just put a fake guy's head on his pillow facing him. Next we had put a pillow to represent the fake guy's body.

We take the broom and I start poking him from the other side of his bed. After poking him a few times he groans and turns around. I take back the broom and duck just as Spencer opens his eyes. When he sees the man next to him on his bed he screams and tumbles to the floor.

Right away the girls and I start laughing like hyenas. Spencer gets up from the floor and finally notices that the guy is fake. He turns to us, his face red with anger. I had to say he looked cute when he was angry. When he starts to make his way to us we jump up, grab the video camera we used to tape the prank, and sprinted out of his house.

The girls and I were laughing as we ran into my house. "That-laugh-Was-gasp-So-giggle-Funny!" Ash finally makes out. I nod at her, wiping away the tears of laughter on the edge of my eyes.

Our laughter finally subsided and I gave them both high fives before saying, "We are in the lead again girls!" They woot and cheer and we all do victory dances.

"Well Ash, Sky, I'm going for my run now. I'll see you at the shop later?" I ask them. They both nod and we say goodbyes as they leave me to get ready.

Just as I'm about to leave for my run, the front door opens. My aunt walks in and gives me a smile. "Auntie your back! How was your trip?" I ask. "Oh it was exhausting! I had to work so much! Anyway how have you been?" She asks.

I recap what has happened as she's been gone. She listens and nods her head as I talk. "That was so nice what you did for Luke!" She tells me. I nod in her answer before telling her I'm going out for a run. "Okay have fun on your run!" Auntie says as I walk out the door and start my run.


I walked into the store after getting dressed when I finished my run. I found the whole group there just talking. There were only a few customers in the store so I decided to help them out. By the time I helped everybody in the store and they paid for their things, it was our lunch break.

"How about we just keep the store clothes and go shopping?" Ash asks the group and me. We agree, except Sky says she has to go, so we shop without her.

As all of us walk around Ash and Aiden excuse themselves to go out to eat leaving Spencer and I alone.

"20 questions? 10 questions per person?" Spencer asks. I nod and tell him to go first.

"Favorite color?"

"Purple and blue. How about you?" I ask him.

"Blue. Favorite book?"

"The Fault in our Stars, you?" I reply.

"Don't have a favorite, I like a bunch of books." I nod at his reply, it was the same for me with movies.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" He asks me.

"Well before my dad left I wanted to be a singer. After he left I stopped singing. After a while I got into photography and I got myself a camera after saving up money. Ever since I got my camera I chose that I wanted to be a photographer." He nodded and smiled at me.

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