Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


I storm into my room right after the elevator have stopped at our floor.

I haven't said a word in hours. Not to Cato or anyone.

When I come into my room, I take everything within reach and throws it around me like a maniac while I'm screaming with anger.

Soon everything in my room is destroyed, but I don't care. I just take the broken things and destroy them even more. I didn't even notice that the door opened and Tryffina had entered.

"Clove!" She screams horrified.

I stop. I'm looking at her. Tryffina looks around in the room and sees only destruction. She might faint from shock, I hope she does, because I'm not in the mood for a sermon.

I'm preparing to protest, but I don't need to. Because she actually faints.

Jeez, I was only kidding.

"Tryffina", I shout and runs over to her.

I pat her lightly on her cheek with my hand. The whole hand turns white of makeup from her face.

Ugh! Oh well...

"Skylie! Adam!" I shout in the hope that they'll hear me.

And they do. The next second they are both here.

"She fainted", I say when they look questiongly at Tryffina.

"I'll call on a waiter", Adam says and disappears but comes back with a mute waiter.

"Take her to her room and wake her up", he orders.

The mute man nods.

"But what happened in here?" Asks another voice surprised.

My screams must have tricked Cato to come out of his room, because now he stands and looks into my room.

"Earthquake", I mutter and slams the door inte the faces of all three of them.



The next day at the training after lunch, our individual performances takes place.

I sit on a bench with the others.

Cato have his hand discreetly on my thigh under the table. When he have his hand on my thigh, I just want to kiss him, it's so cozy. His hand is now starting to caress my thigh, and I literally have to verify every muscle in my face to keep it neutral.

I look at him quickly, smiling at him, so that he would understand that it's not him, I'm angry at. Then I quickly look away again before anyone sees it.

"Clove Sevina", a voice says.

I stand up. And walk through a door and ends up in the training room again.

Though now it's empty, except me. I don't even care about the people who sits up in the balcony and laughs.

I go directly to the knives.

I take one and throw it into the head of a doll. I peek up on them, some looks at me. I take ten knives and put two in the heart of five dolls. I'll check again. Now EVERYONE is looking at me. I run to collect the knives before I run past the knife table and to the door. And from there I'm aiming and hits exactly the same as last time.

I rejoices inside.

"You can go now, miss Sevina", someone says.

I go through another door and feel proud of myself.

Hah, beat that if you can District 4, I think by far.


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