Chapter 15

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Chapter 15


These two days have proven to be surprising.

Firstly, Clove said she loved me, which makes me feel ridiculously happy, and secondly, I had been wrong about District 4. I said that they aren't much to have this year, but in fact they really are.

They are both fast, hard to catch, they both can fight and handle a knife really well, not as good as Clove though, but still. And besides, both can fish and braid nets. They can be useful, but still, when I decide to kill them, they won't have a chance.

"What are you doing then?" Tracy asks.

"I handle swords mostly, and a little spear", I reply without interest.

"I handle the knives", Clove said.

"We're doing that too", Jason said. "As you saw".

"Yeah, but she's better", Iza says.

"Didn't you see what we did just now?" Tracy asks offended.

"Have you seen Clove with the knife then?" Trevor asks.

"No, but we now we're better", Jason says scornfully and cold.

Yeah, they are arrogant, probably all of us are, but they are just too self-absorbed, maybe I also was before I discovered that I could love another person then myself.

I get angry. I want to grab both of them and throw them across the room. But then everyone would understand that I like Clove more then to accept her as a partner. So I confine myself to glare at them, as if they are making fun of District 2.

I grab ten knives and give them to Clove.

She accepts them without contradicting. Her eyes says that she is offended. It's clear that Tracy and Jason thinks she is a child, just as the twins from District 11. She goes and stands behind us, and have way too much distance between herself and the dolls.

If it wasn't Clove throwing, she would miss, but because it is Clove she puts all ten in five dolls, with two in every heart, just as she did yesterday.

I look at Tracy and Jason. That, they hadn't expected, it was clearly visible. Even though I don't show any outward, I feel proud.

Clove looks at Tracy and Jason.

"You were saying?"

"Uh..." Tracy seems to have lost her face. "Nothing".

"Well", Jason said. "You may be able to survive longer then the twins , anyway".

What the hell! What is it with this guy? If Clove dies, I have to die as well, whether I like her or not, I have to protect her.

Have he seen my muscles, or is he blind?

Well, when we're in the arena and I don't need him anymore, he dies faster then he can open his big mouth, as I feel right now, just because he insulted my Clove.

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