Chapter 20

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This chapter is to mainly show you one of Addie's powers. I have the next three chapters written and i promise to update soon! Sorry for how long this took! Enjoy!

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~Jasper's POV~

Ally and Seth are busy, so I've been holding Chloe for the past few hours. Ally is hunting and Seth is with his family that he hasn't seen in a few weeks.

Alice is holding Addie across the kitchen table from me. She occasionally starts to cry but we just bounce her and calm her down. She was really fussy today.

Right now, Addie is reaching for a glass of water the her dad had left on the table before he left. Alice is holding her just out of reach of the cup and Addie starts squealing again. She slams her little hand on the table and the strangest thing happens.

The water started slowly rising from the cup to form some sort of transparent water wall between Alice and I. All of the sudden, a sort of video appeared in the water. It was a memory. Last night, Seth had been rocking her and humming while we all hunted. She was showing that she wanted him. She missed him.

Emmett walked into the room and saw Addie's hand up in front of the water, holding it there.

"Wow, squirts gifted too?" he asks. The video changes to Emmett holding her and cooing to her gently.

She squealed, reaching out to Emmett.

"I think she wants you." Alice says, handing her to Emmett.

"What's up, squirt?" he asked, lifting her shove his head and spinning in a circle really fast. She giggled and the water splashed back into the cup.

Emmett left, holding Addie is his big reckless arms. I feel nervous with him holding the babies. He is very careful though. I can feel the amount of love he has for her and how careful he is with every movement he makes.

Chloe looks up at me with her big black eyes that light up when she smiles.

"Who do you want, monkey?" i ask.

"Japper." she says, locking her arms around my neck. She calls me 'Japper' because she cant say her 'S's yet. I call her 'monkey' because she is always holding onto people and climbing things. She is happy with anyone holding her, unlike her sister, but prefers me or Alice. Mainly me. Just like with her mom, we are closest to her. The feeling of her little arms around my neck is so cute. She is just adorable. It has been a week since the twins were born, but they both look about a year and a half old.

I pick her up, with her arms still around my neck, and took her up to my room.

"Alice will you-" i started.

"Already got some." she interrupted, dumping some of Chloe's toys on the bed. When i finally detached her from my neck, i set her in my lap. I handed her different toys and she stuck them in her mouth and played with them. He favorite thing to do was play this cute game that all babies do. Where they give you something and you have to act happy and say "thank you!", then they take it back. And she does this repetitively. It is really cute!

Alice and i played with her until she wanted me to pick her up again. Alice went downstairs because Esme said she needed help cooking dinner for the pack, which is coming over tonight to see their new nieces.

I was holding her for awhile, talking to her. I could feel that she was getting sleepy. I got up and held her with my hand on her upper back and under her bottom, and her head on my shoulder. I absently started humming and dancing around the room. She soon fell asleep. I put her into her pajamas and went back to my room with her. Since she didn't have a crib, because she was always being held, i just sat on my bed and cradled her in my arms while she slept. I looked down at her little emotionless face. The face of an angel.

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