Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


I take a leap and jump up in Cato's arms, who immediately carries me up from the floor and I press my lips against his.

But all the time I ask myself over and over again: How on earth can I make Cato jealous? I who is two years younger, a little short, and not super sexy, at least I don't think so anyway. And Cato's tall, muscular, finely blond and blue-eyed. Simply beautiful to look at. So ... why would he choose me, when he can get any girl he wants?

But for now I don't care. My lips fit so well with his, and it feels only right. I push myself harder onto him and refuses to pull away my lips, it seems like Cato understand that.

But then there's a knock on the door and then it opens.

We take away our lips from each other, but Cato still keeps me up in his arms when Tryffina arrives.

Despite all the makeup she have on her face, you can see how red she gets when she sees us together like that.

"Uh ... I uh ... I would only say that ... uh ... dinner is ... uh ... served", she walks in a bit, embarrassed.

"Okey, we're coming", Cato says and keeps himself from laughing with me still up in his arms.

She gives us a brief nod and virtually running out of my room.

I can't hold myself anymore. I burst into laugh. Cato as well. I put my head on his shoulder and laughing with tears.

"We should probably go now", I say at last. Cato nods and starts walking towards the door. "But it's probably best if you let me down, you know".

"Haha yeah", he says. "I forgot about that, it's so nice to have you in my arms".

I giggle while he let me down on my own feet, and then we're going to the dining room.

Tryffina is sitting and talking with Skylie, still red in the face. It looks as if they quarrel, and when we get closer, we hear what they say.

"But Tryffina, I can see that something is wrong", Skylie raises her voice.

You can never win an argument with Tryffina.

"Uh ... no, nothing is wrong", Tryffina says happily.

"Don't say no", Skylie said.

"You're just as red in the face as your wig", Adam adds.

"I'm certainly not", Tryffina mills back to Adam.

"Maybe we should talk about tomorrow", I say before it becomes a really big fight.

All three of them jumps sky high and looks at us.

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