The creature within.

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I dont know what I'm doing. xD I'm kidding. 

Anyways, here it is, for all that have waited for such a sucky chapter to be uploaded, lets say this alright... 

It might be kind of fucking confusing, so I'm sorry. ^-^ 


Lets start with

Chelsea's POV 

I felt like I coudlnt move, my mind was numb and my whole body was frozen. I dont know, I dont usually feel like this when I'm sleeping... 

am I sleeping? 

I tried to open my eyes.... Why wont they open? Where am I? I can hear voices. "Can you show any sign or anything ?" Someone asked. 


"When do you think she'll wake up?"... It was Chris.. 

"We dont know for sure, but there should be some sign when she does, maybe she would move her hand, or open her eyes. But when one of your friends see those signs, you call for us." Maybe it was the burse speaking. Smartass.

"We might not even know if she would pull out of this coma..." The nurse said.

I'm in a coma, a fucking coma. How did I freaking slip into a coma? Luke, damn that boy, he makes my life horrible right now. At this fucking stage I will beat his ass to his death.

I felt like screaming to them, I wanted to wake up, not stay here in this bed... I know I got beaten up so badly but in a coma? This for me would be like my situation between the life and death. 

I could die in this, or I can pull out. 

Or I won't... then what would happen? I'm so fucking stupid... i just let him beat me up. I didnt make a move but when I did it was when they arrived.

I'm so fucking stupid.

I saw a light hit my eye but I couldnt react.. Why? Ge that light off from my eye ass. It's fucking bright.

"It looks like she would be out soon, maybe give her a couple of weeks..." A nurse said. Well smart ass, I would pull out sooner but I have no idea what the hel happened, you think I wanted to go this way? 

No, I didn't, shut up. .-. I rant a lot. :3 

I felt like my mind wanted to think about how I can make this work for us both. 

what if I tried and lifted my arm...

I know it wont work or something but I would try and do it. "Dude, is she like trying to move?" It was ricky. Well, when did he come in.

I felt someone grab my hand. "What the fuck?" Chris said, "Why are you hodling her hand?" 

"If she tenses then shut the hell up.. She's either gonna move her hand or something." Rick said.

I tried, in all my power to move my hand away.

"Seeeeeeee, I told you, she moved, now call someone." He said.

 "Fuck, Chris. Call someone." Ricky said. there was a beeping noise and I got anoyed by it. I heard soem feet running in and I shook my head.

"How is she awake so early?" A female said.

"I don't  know. Run a scan quickly." A male voice said.

The male I assume opened my right eye and flashed a bright light in my eye. "I'm doing a little check up on you Miss Cerulli, it's alright." He said and opened my left eye.

"Her brain seems to be not connecting with it. Although everything is working fine..." He said, I sense a slight shrug .

"Well, it seems like she got hit right there. like, someone slammed her to the ground and slammed her head into concrete." The female said.

"Well, she was involved in a fight.... So I'm thinking that she was held down and he grabbed her hair and slammed it down." The male said.

chris' POV 

no one said anything about her yet and it was lets say about 30 minutes . And yes I'm worried about my sister.

"Why did she respond to you and not to me?" i asked looking up at him.

"i dont know but it seems very odd." He said.

A nurse came out and looked at us.

"Well, Mr. Cerulli, your sister seems to have suffered from serious damage to her brain and might not remember some certain things. So she's awake now but she's not able to talk but she's able to communnicate with the white board we gave her." she smiled. 

I nodded and we both got up. 

We walked into her room and she was drawing something on the board.

She looked up and flipped it over. "MEOW! :3 I missed you all." It said in big bold letters.

I smiled, "We missed you too. Remember us?" I asked and she nodded.

"Yes, and where's the rest of them?" She wrote down quickly.

"At home. We all missed you.' I said and she smiled.

"Hey Rick." She wrote down and flipped it over.

"Hello." He said and she smiled.

"Can someone hand me theiir phones? like, yeah.' She wrote down and showed it to us.

I dug in my pocket and gave my phone to her.

"So, how are you guys?' The auto voice said.

"Well, fine. Worried." Rick said and I nodded.

"Well, how long was I out? I heard someone say something about waking up to early." 

"Well, 2 days and some hours. But yeah. they were predicting about like, 2 more weeks." I said and she nodded.

"Ass. But, who cares! i'm awake now." 

"True. But still, can you name all of us off?" I asked.

"Josh Balz." 
"Ricky Olson." 
"Angelo Parente."
"Ryan Sitkowki." 
Devin Sola or Ghost." 
"And Chris Cerulli." 

I smiled and nodded.

"Tell us about yourself." I said and she smiled.

"Well , my name is Chelsea Cerulli. I'm 18 years old... I'm single now and well. I have black hair and brown eyes. I have a lip piercing which I don't know where it went and I have a weird thing with eating. I play guitar, drums, bass, and I can sing. I have a friend whom I'm helping with his new EP named Kuza and he has nice hair. I ended up here by fighting wit my ex boyfriend Luke. I like "Metal, post hardcore, gothic core, etc." I'm working on a band and well. my best friend is named ANGELO PARENTE." 

I nodded and clapped. 

she had to stay in the hospital for about another day or two so they can run some scans on her brian again and provide her some pain killers for her head... Nose and ribs. 

"I'm glad she's safe though." I said as I got in my car.

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