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            Malphas stared at her, mystified. He enjoyed watching her. She had that streak of fiery demonic angel inside her and yet her face was the most innocent of them all. Of course he knew what she was talking about, but that didn't mean he'd help her get it back. He killed his soul for her. What more could she want?

"Malphas, where is your soul?" she asked again, running out of patience.

He smiled at her. "Nowhere."

"I don't believe you."

Malphas's smile turned into a straight grim line. She didn't believe him? That was so just like her. So he stepped forward and caught her eyes, locking it in a void. "I know. You had never once believed in me when all I ever did was believe what was between us. I'd be a fool to love you again."

Gabriel seemed trapped, like she couldn't believe what was happening. After all, she kept looking for him – the old Malphas who loved her so much he'd let his soul be consumed.

Not wanting to think about it, he started to walk away from her. Every step was painful, filled with a heavy need that couldn't be sated. The shadows above him danced with delight; shrouding him in darkness and blinding him with its abyss. Every shadow was a whisper of agony. The scars and pelts of red around his body burned. It started to thump and eat him away, like he was a corpse ready to be offered to the ground.

Malphas gritted his teeth, trying not to let the pain burn him away. He was reaching yet again another stage – a stage close to Lucifer's form. Soon he'd have no corporeal form, and he'd have to kill anyone – everyone in Hell and Heaven. Soon he'd have no idea who was friend or foe. Soon he'd be everything Gabriel feared to be. And he would have no control over it. This transition would make him Lucifer's equal, but not as a human, not as an angel, and not even as a demon. He'd be a monstrous beast. He did this to himself. He reduced himself to this – a mere puppet for everyone to play with. What good would his life bring, anyway?

He had been stripped of everything, what else could he give to her? Nothing.

It was a battle of wills. He was trying not to let the shadows take his body. He was Malphas, he was supposed to dominate. He couldn't simply let those shadows be his master. And yet he knew the consequences of his actions. Awakening another form would erase the Malphas she loved and the Malphas she loathed. Then, and only then would he be nothing – nothing but a beast.

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