Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


"Jealous?" I burst. "I'm not jealous".

Clove raises one eyebrow and looks at me. She don't believe me.

"What? I'm not!" I try.

"Cato!" She says sternly. "Don't lie to me".

"But I don't", I say miserably.

She takes my head between her hands.

"Do you know you're cute when you're jealous?" She asks smiling.

"I'm not..."

"Yeah you are", she interrupts. "And you know why? It's because you have feelings Cato".

She takes a break before continuing.

"We had agreed that no one would know, but I mean, it's quite clear that Tryffina, Adam and Skylie know but they let us handle it ourselvs", she says.

I hear what she is saying but I don't listen. Something she said to me had special effects. I'm thinking about what it means. What could it mean? I think I know, but could it really happen to me. I've never thought of it that way. I don't know how to handle it, I've actually never thought of this before.

HELP! I feel myself getting warm.

"And you really don't need to be jealous of Trevor, actually of no one", Clove continues. "It's you I like, if you haven't got that yet, since I was eight years old. You know, I used to watch you in secret everyday, somewhere where I could look at you and your muscles, see you swing a sword or throw a spear".

I try to concentrate on her words. Looking at me in secret? In such case, she should become a ninja, I had no idea.

But all the time I start to think about that other thing.

I can't stop myself. I have to say it. I must. Otherwise she may never know.

I take a deep breath.

Clove knows I want to say something so she becomes quiet and just looks at me.

It feels like I'm being suffocated by my deep breathing. I'm really nervous, but I say it:

"Clove, I love you".

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