"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

- Charles R. Swindoll

Candice POV

I woke up to light seeping through the curtains. I felt arms around me, holding me close to a hard chest sending me warmth. The aroma from his body was intoxicating and I just wanting to stay in his arms forever. I carefully brought my hand up and stroke over the hair of his arm. I was savoring this moment, treasuring it. I soon felt his arms get tighter and then light kisses where spread on my exposed neck and shoulders.

"Morning." A deep and raspy voice behind me said. His morning voice sounded so sexy.

"Good morning." I said back softly. I was going to turn so I would face him but half way there my back started to ache and I let out a painful gasp, almost letting out a cry but I hold it in, a few tears were forming though.

"Shh it's alright; I will get you the pills." Eric smoothly said before gently removing himself from me and the bed and walked over to the nightstand beside me and grabbed the empty glass before walking out to the kitchen to fill it with water. I was lying down on my back, waiting for him to come back. Today we were going to start my rehabilitation. I didn't know what Eric had planned but I hoped he wasn't going to be too hard on me, at least not right now.

He came back and walked over to me, put the glass on the stand and grabbed the jar of pills. He took out two pills, grabbed the glass of water and sat down on the edge of the bed and gave me the pills. I put them in my mouth then took the glass from him and swallowed the pills with the water. He stood up and went back to the kitchen after I had given him the empty glass. When he came back he went straight to the closet and retrieved new clothes for the day. He then proceeded to the bathroom and I heard the shower starting. I didn't know what to do while waiting so I figured I should get some clothes for myself. Easier said than done, when I tried to stand up my back hurt and my legs felt heavy not able to hold me up and I sank down to the bed once again. I laid down on my back again with my legs outside the bed just waiting for Eric to finish his shower so he could help me get dressed. Ten minutes later he came out of the bathroom fully clothed and when he saw me sprawled out on his bed he chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?"

"You...It must be frustrating not being able to move freely."

"You have no idea." I signed.

"Could you maybe... help me? I would like to get dressed but seeing as I can't walk without feeling the slightest of pain and my legs collapsing on me I am left with the option of asking you for help."

"Say please and I might help you." He said teasingly, I knew he was enjoying this. With a frustrating moan I said:

"Please Eric be a gentleman and help a lady in need."

"Well you can't say no to a lady in need." He said and walked over to my bag that he had left on a chair in the room. He pulled out a pair of pants, a shirt and new underwear. I was a little skeptic of how he was going to help me put on them but I didn't want to ask so I kept my mouth closed. He walked over to me, put the clothes on the bed and then gently pulled me up to a sitting position.

"Uhm well... I am going to have to help you change. How do you want me to do...well?" He asked slightly nervous.

"Well, if you could close your eyes maybe, just when changing underwear, I am already wearing a bra so that is no big deal." I said trying to sound calm.

"Okay." Carefully he slid his hands under the t-shirt I was wearing and found the hem of my panties. He let out a sign before closing his eyes and starting to pull them off of me. I couldn't help but smile, just for a bit. This was such an awkward situation, though I think it would be equally awkward if it had been Tobias doing it. I helped him just a bit by lifting my bum so he could get my panties of easier. When they were finally off I realized it was not over, he had to put the new ones on. With Erics eyes still closed I grabbed the new pair and gave them to him. He was bending down on the floor and began the process of putting on the new pair of panties without seeing. It started of good; he got them through my legs and had proceeded to pull them up. He was slowly reaching my thighs and further up, by now both of us had tensed up. I had never been so intimate like this with someone before, other than Michael of course but this was different. I didn't feel disgusted, like I wanted to throw up. Instead I felt a small sign of arousal; the whole situation was so sensual and Eric was so tender, he was respectful and didn't want me to feel uncomfortable. He had reached over my thighs and where now almost finished, he only needed to get the panties around my bum. I was pulling myself up again, holding on to his shoulders when he accidently with his hand brushed against my entrance. I gasped and gripped his shoulders tightly.

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