Chapter 2

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Middo's POV

I was staring into the water when I heard a screeching note coming from an instrument, followed by grunts and cries of pain.

I jumped in surprise, and raced to the sound. It came from Link's house!

"What did you do?" I whispered, and I burst inside his house.

I looked around and saw Link balled up on the floor, grasping an ocarina. A strange smoke was coming through the holes in the ocarina.

"Link! Link, what's wrong?" I cried in surprise.

Link looked at me with wide eyes. He moaned in pain. And rubbed his thumb along the ocarina.

"Was it the ocarina? Link! What do I do?" I asked, panic seeping into my voice.

Link dropped the ocarina, and mumbled something.

"Link! What am I supposed to do?" I asked, knowing that I was asking myself.

Suddenly, a pile of ashes lay at the bottom of the ocarina, and they began forming the shape of a person. The person grew until it was about the size of an adult. He looked exactly like Link, except he was older, and he wore all black, had black skin. His eyes were peircing red, and his Hylind Sheild was teal and gray.

"W-who are you?" I stuttered.

The man looked at me and laughed. "Someone you don't want to mess with."  The man picked up the ocarina, and jumped out of the window.

I gaped at the window, and looked back at Link, and saw that he began growing older. His height began changing, and his face aged, and he was like...old! But like, teenage old.

 I fumbled with the whistle around my neck, and blew into it. Saria came rushing to my side in a matter of seconds.

"Link! Oh, oh, the three great fairies!" Saria cried.

"Saria, we can't have him here. It's a against the rules. I need your help to t-take him out." I said, trying to keep my voice strong.

"But Middo, he just came back," Saria protested.

"Saria, you know the rules." I said sadly, and I grabbed his legs, and dragged him out of the house. "Say goodbye, Link." I whispered, and I dragged into Hyrule Feild. I dropped him under a tree, and ran back to the Kokeri Forest.

As I walked into the Kokeri Forest, Saria tried running past me. I pulled my arm out to stop her. "Where are you going?" I asked.

"I have to go to Hyrule Feild," Saria explained with a sob.

"Do you have permission?" I asked coldly.

"No," And Saria broke into sobbs. I let her cry on my shoulder for a few minutes when I pushed her off.

"Someone, take Saria to her home," And Saria was dragged away, still crying. I narrowed my eyes. The old Middo's back!

Link's POV

I awoke, my stomache felt normal, I didn't feel any pain. I looked around to see that I was in Hyrule Feild. How did I get here? I checked to make sure I had my sword. I still had my sword, my sheild, and my Ocarina of Time. Where was the other ocarina?

I stood up to see that I was taller. I looked down. My legs grew, so did my arms. I felt my face. It felt older. I groaned aloud. I was adult Link!

 "Link! Thank the great fairies, I found you!" I spun around to see Zelda. She was an adult too. Her golden-bronze hair looked beautiful in the sunlight.

"H...Hey, Zelda," I said, trying to keep my voice calmed.

"What did you do?" She asked, making me jump at the sharpness in her voice.

"Whoa, what're you talking about?" I asked.

"Hmm, let me explain...

Flashback (Zelda's POV)

I looked at the beautiful rose that was carved in the side of the building. Why did we have so many random carvings all over the place. They were all beautiful, they were just weird. The stone itself is beautiful, why add carvings? I sighed. Of coarse the stones are beautiful to me, I think everything that isn't inside the castle is beautiful.

"Hey, princess! I got a message for you!" I spun around to see Link...but he was old...and in all black.

"Link?" I asked cautiously.

"Sorry, princess. He's not good enough for me. Now, get a load of this," Dark Link swung a punch at me, and I ducked with great effort.

I pulled a hair berret out of my hair, and cut Dark Link all up his arm. Gold blood oozed out. Gold!?

"What are you?" I gasped.

Dark Link snickered, trying, but failing, to hide the pain in his voice. "Something you don't want to deal with," And he pushed me to the ground, and he was gone.

Before I could stand up, I felt my legs growing, my hair re-braiding itself, and finally I was adult me. I groaned, What did Link do this time?

End of Flashback (Back to LInk's POV)

"He pushed you?" I asked, trying not to gritt my teeth. I felt that stupid protective side of me kick in. "Are you hurt?"

Zelda rolled her eyes. "LInk, just, no. Stop, I'm fine. You already made it clear to me that I wasn't anything but a doll to keep around."

I looked down, my eyes clouded with pain of the memory of me turning Zelda away rudly. She asked me to marry her before I could turn back to ten, but I was scared to get married so I told her she wasn't anything to me, other than a doll to save.

"I really didn't mean that you-" I began.

"Link, not now. We have to figure out what the heck happened, and why Dark Link is suddenly running around!"

"Um, I kind of know that already. I found a cool looking ocarina in the Lost Woods, and when I played it, Dark Link came out somehow." I explained, with a nervous smile.

Zelda scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I knew you did something to make this fiasco happen," And with a swift movement, she changed into Sheik. "Alright, let's get this show on the road!"

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